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Curiosities…a simple word but with such a deep meaning…This whole world is full of curiosities, every little thing that surrounds us can represent a big mystery for us. I was always  fascinated about new things and I tried to understand those that kept my interest.  As I am a first year student at Media Production I’ll try to  show you things that have connection with this field, things that I like and dislike and things that inspire me. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

How Media influences our lives…

Media is a fascinating world, a world where you can let go your imagination. It is a world where you can never get bored. Media industry is not only about movies, music, TV shows and other similar things. Media means life… It is an industry that includes every little part of this world. It’s about communication, lifestyle, health, technology, social environment, economic development and other more. It began to be something  that we cannot live without. It started to influence our daily lives, beginning with the way  we act, dress and treat each other.  A world without media would definitely  be incomplete.


Furthermore, I will post some of the things that inspired me at some point such as movies, music and TV shows.


Take the lead!

It was the year of 2006…I was looking on the internet searching for a good movie based on a true story. I saw a catchy title (Take the lead) so I decided to rent it. At the beginning it seemed pretty basic, with a simple plot: the story of a man who tries to teach how to dance some  students which have constantly problems of behaviour. But then I realised that the movie is not about dance classes,it  is about respect, trust and honour. Antonio Banderas who is the dance teacher, is trying to show the best in his students, he is trying to educate them, to emancipate them. He is giving them a chance to assert. He wants to make them understand that they have a gift, a path in life and that there is a domain where they can be the best. A world that they weren’t used to, where the respect for themselves and for the others around them is the most important thing.

That’s why I believe that this is one of the most inspiring movies I’ve seen. Even if you are on the wrong path, there is always someone who can show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

Commercials 🙂

As I said before, television also includes commercials. In my opinion, commercials have to send an important message in order to catch the viewer’s attention. For example, the one I’ve posted below is meant to open the eyes of teenagers or irresponsible grown-ups. If you know you’re not ready to start a family, to raise a child, you should definitely use protection. I’m willing to believe that this kind of commercials have influenced many decisions and that without television many children would have been raised by young or incapable parents, or that they would have been given to adoption, that if we skip the enormous number of possible abortions.

TV shows

Moving on, the TV Show is another entertaining and catchy thing we can watch on television. Some of them, as the ones I’ve posted, are made in order to show people things that they have not the possibility to see for real, such as some of the most spectacular and bizarre plants and animals on the planet, or the greatest places in the world. They can show you all the must-see’s in the world, all the beautiful places and things that exist and surround us.


Horror movies

I think that most of us like sometimes the idea of watching a horror movie,  but unfortunately today’s horror movies are not as interesting as they used to be, they’re not catchy enough, they seem to have the same  plot, the same idea.

Think at a few horror movies that you watched…They seem to have many similarities, don’t they? Why is that? Because people nowadays have a wrong idea about  how a horror movie should be. Almost all the movies from this genre contain blood, crimes, hideous characters, ghosts, supernatural things…In every horror movie we will see that one or several characters must die. Moreover,  we can observe that the science fiction scenes  from a horror film are increasing and this is bad because the film is losing its charm.

For example yesterday I decided to watch a horror movie with my friends: Drag me in hell. The title seems to be quite interesting, but you can easily guess what’s the main idea of the movie.  Christine Brown is a loans officer who fights to advance in her career. Realising that her boss will appreciate her more if she would be able to take tough decisions she decides to refuse a time extension to an old lady and Christine evicts her from her house. You may guess that from this point everything will start to go wrong for Christine. The old lady throws a powerful curse on her, and she has only three days to get rid of that curse until she won’t be dragged into hell. With the help of a psychic she tries to get rid of the curse and she faces a lot of difficulties.

As I said before, it is a basic horror movie, with nothing interesting. Instead of getting scared I actually burst in laughter at the science fiction scenes.  So if  you would ask for my advice I would definitely say to you that is a waste of time  watching this movie.


Is there someone who has not heard of Youtube? I strongly believe that the answer is NO. Everyone use Youtube for different kind of things. You can use it to watch movie trailers, to listen to music, to watch TV shows, commercials and so on. It is also a way of finding new interesting things…It contains millions of videos…from funny clips to videos that teaches you everything that you want, even basic things like making a tie knot. I believe that who invented Youtube is a genius…it has millions of users. It is an easy way to find everything that you are interested in. For example I use Youtube daily to listen to music, to watch movie trailers, to amuse myself with a large number of hilarious videos and so on. I believe that you can not say very much about it, you must use it in order to understand its true value.

Unbelievable drawings.

Looking through the stuff that I have on my computer I found some amazing drawings made by Escher, a Dutch artist, and I decided to share them with you. It is something unbelievable, it is an obvious example of a paradox. It takes time, a brilliant mind and talent in order to make such an astonishing  piece of art. So take a look and you will certainly be impressed.


Dub step

In terms of music I prefer the  dub step genre. It is an electronic music which in my opinion is one of the most exciting types of music and it has become very popular amongst people. It has many different styles: from dark to chill out, so you have a wide variety of styles from where you can  choose depending of your mood. I personally prefer the chill version, because it is the most relaxing and enjoyable one, when you are in an ordinary mood. I have posted below a song that I really enjoy listening to.


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