A wonderful first week


Emotions, smiles, tears, desire to succeed… A mixture of feelings which is strange but in the same time pleasant. Days have passed so quickly that I had no time to think about it. But now I am here in my room, in a rainy day, alone with my thoughts and I decided to wrote on my blog to share with you my experience.

A wonderful first impression…It was like a new world for me: new people, new teachers, new ideas, new thoughts. It was great to realise that finally my dreams came true.  I was where I wanted to be, I had succeed to study the filed that I always wanted to study. You can not imagine how many thoughts were crossing my mind in that moment. I knew that everything will be ok, I knew that I will have the power to  manage all that I intend, I knew that I will have the power to give the best of me and  I knew that I will have the power to overcome all the problems that will come into my way.

A brief presentation was made about what Media Production really means.  I realised that it is not as easy as it seems. I realized I have to give proof of professionalism, respect, creativity, passion and desire to gain as much knowledge as I can.

At some point we had been divided into groups and we all had to make a pitch. It was kind of a challenging task due to the fact that it was the first time when I had to do something like that.  But after researching a little bit I was able to do my work. We worked as a team, and I was pretty satisfied of our final result though I can not deny that it could have been better. But this was just the beginning…

I am sure that my work will begin to be increasingly better. I am sure I will learn from mistakes and try to improve my work. I am sure that I will put in my work as much dedication and passion as I can. I will try to become a better person, I will try to be serious, punctual, creative, ambitious, respectful, because I want to gain experience, I want to progress and I want to exceed my expectations.


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