Media Diary


Day Time Medium What Where
Tuesday 10 pm. Laptop A horror movie : Drag me to hell  

1: 30 min

Wednesday 12:30 pm E-mail Checked e-mails  

25 min

Wednesday 02:15 pm. Facebookk Checked my profile on Facebook  

1 hour


Wednesday 03:50pm Blog Checked my blog and added some stuff  

3 hours

Wednesday 08:00 pm Youtube Watched some trailers of movies  

1 hour

Wednesday 10:15 pm Youtube Listen some music  

40 min

Thursday 09:10 am E-mail Cheked e-mails  

30 min

Thursday 11:20 am Blogs Read some blogs  

1 hour and 40 min

Thursday 01:05 pm. Ipod Listen some music On the street
Thursday 06:pm Blog Added some stuff on my blog Home
Thursday 10:15 pm Laptop Comedy, drama, music:  

Berlin calling

1:50 min

Friday 06:30 pm Facebook Checked my profile  

20 min

Friday 08:00 pm Youtube Listen to some music  

1 hour

Friday 10 pm Google Searching some good action movies  

50 min

Saturday 11:50 am Blog Wrote on my blog  

1:30 min

Saturday 14:pm Youtube Listen some music  

1 hour





For me the internet is a powerful source of media which keeps me up to date  with all the things that I am interested in. As you already have seen on my Media Diary I enjoy making research about all kind of movies and music, to see what people like and dislike, to be able to compare their opinions with my own point of view. 

I think that if you look at my media diary you will notice that I constantly use the internet in order to look at the things that I am interested in.  You can observe that I love to watch movies, I love to listen to music, I try to check my Facebook profile daily in order to find out the latest’s news about my friends and I also enjoy and try as much as I can to update my blog.

What I don’t like is to remain at a certain point… I always want to discover the latest news in terms of music and movies and I always try to research a little bit before watching a movie or listening a piece of music, because I am interested in seeing people’s opinion about it, to see if I can discover another meaning of it or if I will have the same opinion as they have.

You will probably notice that I have the same passions and interests like most of the people of my age, but I am constantly open to new things, I am constantly trying to discover the latest news in the domains that I am interested in. So I think that if you look at my Media Diary you will probably think that I am a cultured person, because I like to inform myself about all sort of things in order to gain as much knowledge as I can.





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