Media now, 10 years ago and a century ago

How media started?

A century  ago the only sources of media were the newspapers and the radio…The TV is one of the greatest inventions of all times.  Television means a lot: news, pictures, videos, commercials, music, fashion.

The thing that makes all these possible is the video camera which was initially developed by the television industry. The video camera takes the place of the human eye, it is an amazing invention.  The first video camera was made in 1920 and it was a black and grey one, but the colour cameras which started to appear in 1950 were even a grater invention. It is a huge difference between black and white films and color films. Black and white movies have their charm…like you are entering a new world, a misterious one.For example  this kind of movies remind me about real gangsters, and I think that the decor and the atmosphere is suitable for this kind of movies. I also enjoy to watch at black and white comedies like Charlie Chaplin, but beside this I definitely  prefer the coloured movies. Why? Because it seems to be more entertaining, you can observe a lot more details, it stimulates you visually…Look at those videos that I posted below, both of them have their charm, but is inevitable not to  see the difference between them. The colour cameras helped the TV industry to reach this point, because everything is so real, everything seems to be like in the real life.  So we can not compare the sources of media that existed in that times with the sources that exists now. It is not only about technology, it is about the development of media. For example nowadays media means everything: movies, music, internet, news, Tv shows, newspapers, fashion, health…life style. But if we return back in time we can observe that all this things doesn’t exist. Then media was more about radio and newspapers… Now media means life. We have access to everything, we can find out immediately the latest news, the latest tendency in music, fashion etc…We can not compare our level of culture with the one that was 100 years ago, because now we can make research about any kind of thing in which we have an interest in. So if we think about it there are many more differences than similarities between our live and the live that people used to have 100 years ago.

If we are thinking about our lives we are probably also thinking that without media our lives would not be complete. Nowadays people are very influenced about everything that media includes. Many of us cannot imagine their lives without Internet, TV, radio, newspapers…But lets get back in time.  For example 10 years ago all this forms of media existed, but they were not as developed and accessible as they are nowadays.  Now when we are constantly surrounded by media it is very easy for us to access with only a click every information we want, to find out which are the latest news, games, music etc…10 years ago everything was much more different…children didn’t have the possibility to do research in order to gain knowledge.  They didn’t feel the need of talking on messenger, skype, facebook and others. Their lives were in one way or another different than ours.   They did not feel that all this forms of media are a necessity for them, like we are feeling now. Because lets face it: every little child raises with the computer and the TV in front of him, they grow up and think that all of this are natural things. Nowadays everyone uses the computer, the internet, the radio and the television like a natural think, we don’t think anymore that they are a great invention. They are accessible to everyone nowadays.


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