How media works today?

Media means communication, technology, messages which are being transmitted to the masses. Media is a part of our culture, it is an interesting and complex field which is developing more and more. We always observe media from a personal or tacit point of view, but if we really want to understand what media really means  we should be looking at it from an analytical and critical point of view.

If we want to understand the concept of media we should start to ask some questions like: Why? How? When? What?. If we will start thinking like this we will begin to be visually literate, and this is a huge step for a Media Production student.

Many people think that media is only about TV and radio. But this is not true. Media is more than that: media is fashion, internet, life style, news, music, movies…So media is a part of our daily life. We are surrounded at every step by all forms of media. What role had media in our lives? It helped at our development? In my opinion the answer is obvious :YES! Media helped at our education, information, socialization etc…So the informative role that media plays in our lives is vital. But the most important role that media plays in our lives is the role of education.  There are many TV shows, movies, programs that have the aim to inform about different cultures, fashion, health, life style, curiosities,  amazing places, animals, latest news, wars,  crimes, robberies…

Also mass media has a very important influence in people minds. People let themselves  influenced of everything they read, watch and hear.  So mass media can  have also a negative influence amongst people. How many times it happened to you to see, hear or read something that is not true? Also a negative effect is that we have become addicted of all this forms of media…Can you imagine yourself without having television and internet? I don’ t think so. We are always staying in our free time in front of the TV or in front of the computer…The main form of socializing nowadays is through internet. We tend to forgot that we have a family, friends and so on. It is better to talk to people face to face instead of using a computer in order to communicate with them. We don’t meet as often as we did when this sources of communication does not exist and this is a bad thing.  As I said before media has become a part of our lives and this thing can be also positive and negative.

To conclude, Media in a word means life, because it represent everything that surrounds us. Media has a big role in our development, in our evolution as human beings. Media will never stop working  because it has one of the most important role in terms of communication, information, education, technology, research and divertissement. Media is everywhere.

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