Street Art Manifesto

Street Art reefers to any kind of art which appears in the street, in public spaces. Street artists are those who have the power to speak, those who have the power to show their truly believes regarding political, social and environmental issues. This art is more an anti-authoritarian one, so this pieces of art tend to occur in an unfavourable political context, which deprive people of certain rights, in particular the right to freedom of speech, thought etc. Through street art, artists can communicate with people, can send them a message…Their work can have a very big impact amongst people, making them reflect upon everyday issues which are not seriously taking into consideration. It is very important also the opinion of the society regarding street art, because if people approve this form of art, than the message that street artists are trying to send can be even put in practice.

Through this form of art, street artists express their own feelings, thoughts, emotions. They try to make the audience understand their message, their deep meaning, their purpose. What is very important for street artist is that they must not be afraid to show their real feelings even if this is against rules or peoples opinion. We are all different, we can not act, dress, speak or treat each other in the same way because we are unique. So if you don’t understand street art don’t judge it, try to find its meaning, try to research a little bit about it before making wrong assumptions because it is very often when street artists are criticised for their work without any foundation.

Street artists will oppose political views every time they will fill the need, using all kind of  ways that make them feel comfortable, even if that implies also propaganda. They should not give up if they have the impression that no one is taking in consideration their message. They must fight for their goals and for their believes. They should not stop until their message is heard.

One of the most important aspects for a street artist is creativity. They should know how to attract peoples attention, they must do things that are out of the ordinary, that stimulates us visually, that are interesting and catchy, that have a hidden message which is waiting to be revealed. They should implement technology in their pieces of work whenever its possible.

The most important things of all is that street artists must strongly believe in their work. As long as they believe in their work, their art can take any forms and messages.

Furthermore, I will show you one of the most amazing forms of street art that I have ever seen. His work is a prove of hard work, creativity and ambition. Enjoy it!

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