The connection between audience and media.

Everything that is in connection with media must be very well planned in order to have success. Every producer must think at the following question:“Does it have an audience?”. This answer can be positive or negative. As a producer you must always make some research in order to see if there are persons who are interested in your idea. Any Media company has an audience research using focus groups, questionnaires and comparisons. If you want to make a profitable business as a producer you must first know the following things: income bracket, status, age, gender, race, location etc…of your audience in order to see if its worth it or not to put your idea in practice. It is very important to realise what you are producing because Media can easily influence peoples minds.

Furthermore I made some research about the categories that are commonly used in order to distinguish the target audience. This categories refer to: age, ethnicity, educational background, gender, economic status etc. This categories areA, B, C1, C2, D, E. This are called NRS social grades, a system which makes a demographic classification. Nowadays they are used by many companies in order to have a well done market research. Moreover I will post a table which I found on Wikipedia and which show us the signification of the grades.

Grade Social class Chief income earner’s occupation
A upper middle class Higher managerial, administrative or professional.
B middle class Intermediate managerial, administrative or professional
C1 lower middle class Supervisory or clerical and junior managerial, administrative or professional
C2 skilled working class Skilled manual workers
D working class Semi and unskilled manual workers
E Those at the lowest levels of subsistence

Casual or lowest grade workers, pensioners and others who depend on the welfare state for their income


This system is very helpful because it gives us a sense about the interests, lifestyle, behaviour, relationships etc. of those social classes. For example people who live in the same neighbourhood tend to have the same lifestyle, behaviour and so on.  So if you make a statistic for each of this social classes you will easily know which will be the audience target for your idea.

Moreover I took every item from my Cabinet of Curiosities and I have set for it the target audience that I think is appropriate.

I believe that the movie Take the lead has as target the categories C1 and C2 , so that means the lower middle class and the skilled working class. Why? Because it is showing us the reality. Its showing us a group of misbehaved children who succeed in life without money. All they’ve need was respect, trust, honour and a person who believed in they.

Moreover, the commercials have a very important role in our life’s because they can influence the decisions that we make. Consequently, I believe that the commercials like the one that I have posted in my Cabinet of curiosities, have as audience target all the categories: A, B, C1, C2, D and E. Why? Because all of us need to keep up to date with the latest things that appeared on the market.

The next items are some TV shows from Discovery Channel which are made in order to show people things that they have not the possibility to see for real, such as some of the most spectacular and bizarre plants and animals on the planet, or the greatest places in the world. I believe that this kind of media is more interesting for the C1, C2 and and D categories because they maybe don’t have the possibility to see this things for real.

The next item is a horror movie: Drag me to hell. I personally don’t like this movie, because it doesn’t have something catchy, interesting. It is pretty basic. But I believe that this kind of movies fit all the market target categories, because all of us feel sometimes the need of watching something scarry, we need some adrenaline in our lives.

Youtube – one of the most well known search engines. I believe that this kind of items is more likely to be used by A, B and C1 categories. Why? Because their life is more connected with everything that implies technology and media. The people from the other categories are not very interested in thins kind of things, because they have more worries and concerns than others and maybe they are not used with technology and they prefer to do something else instead of using a computer.

Escher is a Dutch artist, who made some unbelievable drawings which have as target audience the upper middle class. Why? Because the people from this category are more cultured and seem to have a bigger interest in this kind of things.

In terms of music I prefer the dub step genre and I think that the audience target for this kind of music is B.



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