Workshop 29/10/2010

In todays workshop we have made something very interesting and creative. Firstly we had to bought a magazine, and we had to choose from it one photo that impressed us. Starting from that picture we had to invent a story. I believe that this is a very interesting method of making a story, especially when you have no ideas.We have no clue about how many things can inspire us and how we can make a story from a simple image or song…

One of the questions of todays course was: Where the ideas come from? The answer is very simple: from TV, news reports, documentary, magazines, books, personal experiences…Maybe you don’t believe it, but when you put this method in practice you will see that it can really work.

For example I choose a picture with Christina Aguilera and her son and I made the following story:

Sarah is working as a model at a well- known agency. Her job implies many trips, TV shows…basically she doesn’t have time for a family or for a relationship. She must have a perfect image. In this industry there is no place for mistakes. But unfortunately Sarah has a big secret that can ruin her career. When she was 18th she got pregnant.  She knew that this will ruin her life, her dreams, so she decided to give her son to adoption. Fortunately, the adoptive parents are some close relatives and Sarah is allowed to see her son once in a week, pretending  that she is his aunt. Now she spends some precious moments with her sun, buying some pumpkins for the Halloween night. The big problem is that his adoptive parents don’t want to allow her anymore to see her son, because they believe that she is a negative influence for him. They want to keep her away from the baby, so they threatened her to reveal her secret if she doesn’t stay away from the child.

After this we were divided into groups and we had to pick 4 pictures in order to make a story. In my opinion combining pictures works very well. We had to connect the 4 photos through some scenes that we created.


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