Workshop 22/10/2010

Last week after we were divided in groups, we were asked to build up a character based on our Cabinets of curiosities and also based on our real life. It was an interesting idea, because we have learned how to create a character from nothing. We started by picking up some few things that define us. We tried to make a combination from our personalities and background in order to make the character more interesting and real. We tried to give as many details as we could about his life, hobbies, occupation, relationships, educational background. ethnicity, age, gender, interests, successes, aspirations, failures and influences.

We had some problems in organising our group, and we meet to create the character only one day before the workshop. We were a little bit afraid that we won’t have time for everything that we wanted to do, but in the end we managed to finish it. I was very anxious to see people’s opinion about our character, and I also wanted to see what have the other groups made. I was pleasantly surprised  when the other groups said that they like it, because it was believable, it has a good background and we covered many aspects from his life. What seemed to attract peoples attention was the fact that he is half Romanian, a quarter British and a quarter Scottish. We also gave details about his family members, his past, his educational background, and we also told that now he is engaged in a relationship with Sarah, a girl that he meets on a course.

The bad thing of our presentation was the fact that we didn’t keep eye contact during the presentation. However all the feedback that we received was very constructive, because it helped us not to repeat the same mistakes. In this way we learn how we can improve our character, our work in general.

After the discussions that we had during the workshop we decided to create him a blog and a Facebook profile.


Facebook profile: Ovidiu Mckinan.

I barely wait to see how we are going to improve our character. I think that the final result will be a very good one, and I think that we’ll all be satisfied with our work.

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