Active audience – how can media influence our minds?

It is believed that active users seek for sources of media that fulfil their needs. They are more likely to be influenced by sources of media that they like than the ones they don’t. We are tempted to believe what we hear and see, we have the instinct to copy the actions and the thoughts of others. This can influence us in a positive way, but, unfortunately, this can happen in a negative way as well. . For example, young children imitate the violence rather than acts of kindness. That is because violent acts have a much bigger impact on them.

Furthermore, I’ve chosen for this task the movie: “ Take the lead”, a film based on a true story. If you look carefully you will see that many aspects of the film resemble reality, but unfortunately, the story’s happy ending is not always the same in reality. And then you start to meditate, to reflect upon the message of the film. You’ll think you can do something that could change you and the people around you and you’ll start to think that you could try to be a better person. You’ll find that behind every little thing it’s a deep meaning. You’ll realize that everything is about respect, trust and honour. You will realise that this qualities make much more than anything. The message of this movie is that if you are trying to give up violence and indifference you will manage to fulfil your dreams and get very far. If not, it means that you have chosen the wrong path.

On the other hand, children may not interpret this movie as written above. Maybe they understand the message differently, and here we can talk about a negative effect that this media object has on the audience and on the society. Children can interpret this acts of verbal and physical violence like something cool, that could make them more popular among their friends, or that can put them in the centre of attention. That is why it is not good for kids to watch this kind of movies, they don’t make the difference between right and wrong, and they can easily imitate what they see and hear.


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