Character presentation

Yesterday was a very interesting day for me and for all the first year students from Media Production. We had to present our characters in front of all our colleagues, thing that was kind of unusual for me. The day didn’t started quite well because some of my colleagues were a little bit late and I was afraid that they won’t appear at all. But fortunately, everything was ok after all. All my colleagues came at the presentation and this made me feel more confident.

On the other hand I liked very much the way in which the presentation took place. Everything was very well organised. Every team received a number so that all the presentations can have a proper order. Our  group was number 8 so we were almost at the end of the presentation. Also what I liked most was the fact that every presentation make me reflect upon something. I had something to learn from everyones experience. I learned what is wrong and what not, what to use in a presentation, how to present in front of an audience, what to use in order to make the presentation as catchy as possible. Also I enjoyed that all the groups behaved as a true team. We have all supported each other, and all of us tried to convince the rest that their character is the best.

What was really interesting and catchy was the fact that every group came with different methods of presentation that  highlighted their character. Some of the groups brought objects that “belonged to the character”, some of them made him a facebook profile and also a blog, others used Powerpoint presentations, music, workbooks, interviews and so on. All the presentations made us see what group is better, what group should work more to achieve a better result, how creative or not can be some teams. Also we have learned that we should talk freely to the audience in order to caught their attention.

Furthermore I will talk about my groups presentation. I think the presentation went well although I had many emotions. I can not say that it was  perfect because we could improve certain aspects, but for the beginning I can say that it was pretty good. Along the way when we will gain more knowledge, our presentations will improve, and why not, maybe it will be great. We tried to be creative and to use quite a lot of resources to capture public attention: facebook profile, blog, music, workbooks. We brought some items that are supposed to belong to the character to make it look as real as possible such as playstation games, because he loves to play on playstation, a tiny bicycle that we said he bought from the Transport Museum when he visited it with his girlfriend, and a piggy bank where he collects money in order to go in Romania for Christmas holiday. After the presentation finished it was feedback time. Some of them said that the boring part of our presentation was when we read Ovidiu’s  journal because it was quite long. Also they said that the music that we had on the background of the presentation was to loud and during that moments when we played the music they couldn’t hear us very well. At some point somebody said that we have made a contradiction during the presentation but he misunderstood it. But finally we could explained him the point that we were trying to make, to prove him that he is wrong about this aspect.

All in all I think that this presentation was very helpful, because we were able to see and reflect upon others group work and also receive feedback for our work in order to see very clear what we did good and wrong.


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