72 hour Media Challenge

During our last Key concepts lecture we were given a task, a challenge actually.  We had to create a piece of media  based on the theme: university lipdub in 72 hours. Each small group  had to create a short segment that can be linked to their larger seminar group. For this task we also had some rules to follow: all the members of the group should participate at this activity, the music must not have a copyright, and we are not allowed to edit the movie.

A lip dub is a video which combines lip synching and audio dubbing in order to create a music video. One of the most popular lip dubs are those  which are filmed in a single shot whiteout  editing it.

At first we got really scared of the idea that we should produce it in only 72 hours, without time for rehearsals. After we found out about this task, my group gathered in the Ellen Terry building in order to come up with some ideas for our lip dub. We knew from the start that we should do something interesting, funny, creative but also that we should take this project seriously. Our first idea relates to Halloween. We wanted to make something like a horror movie, with creepy costumes because we could have found them very easily and also at a cheap price. We also had other ideas but this one seemed to be the most appropriate. Then we all decided to meet at 2 o’clock in order to go to the seminar, but unfortunately only one of us could stay at the seminar, so we choose Dean as our group leader. We met up with Dean after the seminar ended and we found out which idea will gonna be shot.

Our idea was to have in the centre of the story a sad person as the main character and around him all sorts of funny things such as: having a party, dancing, throwing with balloons, confetties etc. Then we started to think at the song that we need in the background. We had to look on Myspace for unsigned acts and ask the permission to use their songs. The sad person was wearing black clothes and the others were wearing bright colours in order to distinguish him from the others. Another problem was the location. Due to the fact that we hadn’t so much time and because of the lightening we decided to film in the Ellen Terry building. We met on Thursday at 6 pm, in order to finish our project. Everyone seemed to enjoy  it, so we had a great time there. I also really liked that we worked as a group.

I believe that we did a pretty job with this project, and I am quite satisfied of the final result. We respected all the rules given and we also had fun making it.

Regarding the other groups, I don’t know exactly how things worked out, but I have seen their lip dubs and I liked them very much. But, I believe that some of the groups should have been more careful with the quality of the image and sound. I believe that this was a constructive experience for all of us, and I am waiting for the final results, because  I am very curious about who’s gonna be the winner of this competition. Good luck everyone!!!!!!

Here is our lip dub. I hope you will like it!


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