Masculine Feminine
Men were considered from the beginning of the world leaders. Women were considered weak and they had very few rights in comparison with mans.


They had the power of decision, they were the ones who had the right to vote. They didn’t have the power of decision, and their word was not taken into consideration.


Men were the ones in charged with the economical aspect. The woman’s ‘job’ was to take care of the house and of the kids.


Men were considered tough and invincible. Women were considered sensible and they felt the need of protection.


Certain types of jobs that requires strength can only be made by men. Meanwhile, there are only very few types of jobs that can be made only by women.


The man who had as many women as possible was considered the best. Women who had more than one man were considered easy going.


Men had the right to wear whatever they liked, even typically feminine accessories like wigs. On the other hand, women had restriction at what to wear. They were not allowed to show their body under no circumstances, and also they were not allowed to wear pants.


Nowadays, metro sexual men are seen very well by the society. Meanwhile, women who practice bodybuilding, which is a sport dominated by men, are seen strange, and people usually criticize them.


Men solve their problems through violence. Women choose instead to cry.


Drunk men are not judged too harshly by society. 


On the other hand a drunk women is usually misjudged.
In some countries men are allowed to have more than one wife (polygamy). Meanwhile, women are punished if they don’t respect their husband.


Men mature slower. At the age of 17-18 they are not mature enough. Women mature much faster than men. At 17-18 years old women are mature person


Men don’t want to recognize when they are wrong, because they are too proud to admit their mistakes. On the other hand women admit their mistakes.

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