Audio drama – process

I don’t think that I have mentioned in an earlier post, but we were asked to create an audio drama piece, based on our character’s life. We had to come up with a dramatic moment from his life, that had a strong impact on him.

As a first step, we had to encounter with the theatre students and convince them to play in our audio drama. We had no clue about what we were going to do, so I came up with an idea. I was thinking to record the scene when Ovidiu is going to introduce his girlfriend to his parents at a family dinner. The problem is that Ovidiu’s parents disapprove their relationship from two different reasons. One is because the girl is inferior to him from an economical point of view, and two because they think that Ovidiu must focus only on his studies.  In order to embarrass her, his parents made unpleasant comments about her background. When the situation gets really tense Ovidiu feels the need to take one of the most important decisions in his life. In order to protect Rachel, and in order to show his love to her, Ovidiu decides to move out, thing which leads to a family breakup.

We had to present our idea at the seminar, and we also had to include and speak about all the sound effects that we are going to use in order to make it more realistic. So we thought about using sound effects like: footsteps, kissing, cutlery, cab arrives, door opens/closes, classical music and a grandfather clock sound effect in order to show the high economical status of the family. The language that we were going to use for the script was very formal in order to highlight the good education of Ovidiu’s paremts.

Kieran made a great job at that seminar, because he presented very clear and detailed our entire idea, specifying also what is going to make the distinction between our characters since the audience don’t see them. Kieran also said that he is going to wite the script.

Another week have passed and we still got nothing new to present at the workshop because Kieran didn’t wrote the script as he promised. Atfer the workshop we went at the student lounge and we started to work at our project. We changed the end of the story, in order to be more catchy. Furthermore we decided to meet on Monday, when everybody had to bring a script in order to see how are we going to combine them in order to make a great scrip.

Monday we had another desilusion. From 7 members of the group only 5 came, and from this only me, Edina and Gurraj brought a script. We picked up the best parts from our scripts, and so we created a single one. We made some changes to the story. Instead of Ovidiu leaving his family, we thought that it was more dramatic if Rachel confesses that she is pregnant.

In our assignment brief we were asked to make this audio drama, but the recording must be made without the knowledge of the characters. So we thought that Ovidiu, as an Journalist student, left from mistake his recorder turned on during the dinner.  After several days, when he wanted to play something from it he discovers that he recorded all the conversation during that dinner.

After writing the final script, Gurraj sent the script to the actors and arranged a meeting with them. At that meeting everything worked quite ok, everybody was present. We just make some remarks, and the actors immediately understood what they had to do, and I must say that they acted like professionals.

After finding all the sound effects that we need it, the editing was the only part left and Edina made it. She did a very good job with it.

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