Audio drama – research

Audio drama is kind of a storytelling which is broadcast on radio. It is based on some defining characteristics such as dialogue, music and sound effects, which helps the audience to imagine the story and the characters. Audio drama has big roots from a long time ago. In the 1880s audio dramas were heard over the phone, and after 4 decades, in the 1920s audio drama became a great success while being broadcasted on radio. It was the major form of mass – entertainment. Once that audio drama was released on the media market, new development techniques  were made, like hi-fi and stereo. This developments opened a whole new range of possibilities. Even if audio drama was a very innovative thing, after a while it was neglected. In the 21st century it began to be channeled again by the audience through radio and Internet, and it seems that the concept of audio drama is still growing and changing.

An interesting aspect of audio drama is that Shakespeare was one of the most appreciated writers in UK, and thanks to his writtings BBC made their first live audio drama which focuses on his creation. This aspect was a big step for the fame of audio dramas.

One of the most important keys in producing an audio drama is music. Music it can not be neglected under no circumstances, because it transmits to the audience many feelings and emotions, and also through music the audience can make a meaning about the environment desired by the producer. Also sound effects are very important for an audio drama piece, because it helps at setting the scene, and also can give to the audience many clues about what’s happening.

Nowadays, audio dramas are distributed as recordings, which offers to the audience the possibility to listen to it whenever and wherever they like. Also the  Internet has many channels of distribution, as well as the Radio has. Audio dramas were very popular, starting from the “electrophone” or “theatrophone” and achieving  its biggest audience on radio broadcast.

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