Hybrid Forms by Lev Manovich

I have to admit that this is quite a hard article in my opinion, due to its many references and connections with domains such as architecture and graphics. I believe the point that Manovich is trying to make, is the fact that media had a very rapid development in the last decades. He talks about genre, style, technology, methods of production,format etc., things that have influenced one another until they’ve become a whole. This development  have changed the perspective of a media object, the perspective of the audience and the way in which that media object is build. Now it is not only about art, it is also about science. This two different domains are now merging together.

This article helps us realise that for us this new forms of media are natural. We were born in this decade of technology, and we don’t pay attention anymore at what various media forms are used everyday, especially in television. We tend to forget about the edits; we only observe them when we see an extravagant effect. By bringing together initial media forms, it can be created things like 3D graphics; but the fact is that we forgot about the initial forms, we see only the final product.

Hybridity took a step further, thing that lead to the creation of innovative and new products. Although for us it’s something great, although everything looks spectacular, we should realise that we cannot make anymore the difference between reality and illusion. We don’t know anymore if what we see is real or not. What happened to the natural style of a movie? It’s all gone now.

Even if on the one hand I agree with Manovich, on the other hand I think that this evolution, this technology has its positive aspects. This development helped us live at high standards, helped us develop our brains. We can adapt quite easy at any environment, and that is why we cannot feel that the difference between decades is very big, or it harms us. We as human beings feel the need to develop everything that surrounds us, we cannot get stocked in the same mentality; we need to evolve, we must overcome our standards, and especially when all these things don’t disadvantage us, but on the contrary makes life easier for us.

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