Revolutionised games and their impact amongst society

Nintendo Wii made big waves in 2006 when it came out. It was all about the new motion – controlled gaming interface, that put players inside games for the first time. Now imagine what it will be with the new xbox 360 kinect, which actually revolutionised games.

The interesting part of this game, is that you are actually controlling everything in that fantasy world with your body and with your language. You can make whatever you want, from painting, dancing, swimming to racing and playing ‘Want to be a Millionaire?’, or GTA. You can watch a movie with your closest friends with the help of this game, you can talk to them, you can change your appereance, you can send them messages and items, and you also can have Facebook account. Everything seems so real that you cannot stop from playing. It is like a second life.

This is one of the most entertaining games that i have ever seen, and I can say that I don’t disapprove this product, but I believe that it must be played with a limit. The impact of this game will be so big, that if it doesn’t exist control, if this game takes the place of reality, things will look really bad. We won’t have a social life anymore. Everything will be made through a computer. This game can destroy the next generation’s social skills. We won’t even need real friends in the future. But this it only depends on each of us. If we know how to control ourselves, I can say that this game is one of the most  greatest inventions, but if we won’t control ourselves and this invention will represent for us more than a game, it will be one of the greatest disasters.



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