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Our first seminar from Developing meaning in media production, was based on the assignments that will have to hand in this term. Due to our first task: “People to people”, we concentrated more on basic journalism, and I noticed that there are three areas in preparing a news bulletin that we have to follow in order to make a good work.

The first area is the editorial one. We should always be able to answer questions like: who, what, why, where, when and how. Moreover we should attract the audience’s attention by putting a catchy title to our article, and by opening the story with a summary of the most important information.


The next stage is research. This area implies a lot of patience and dedication, from my point of view, because it is not as easy as it seems. A reporter must be always in touch with the latest news and pieces of information. Luckily we have many sources of research, such as: press and radio, local authorities, emergency services, internet, libraries, notice boards etc.; however, the most important sources of news stories are people.

The third stage is opinion. In order to make a good news bulletin, a reporter must gather as many opinions as he can, and he must present them in a balanced way.

Moreover, we have watched some documentaries made by students from last years, and we had to reflect upon them. We were also asked to think who might be suitable for our story.

The workshop start with a critical question: ” Who has already thought of a person?”. I had some ideas in my head, but I was afraid to say them, thinking that maybe I will make a fool of myself. I was thinking at a homeless guy, that I always see standing next to Sainsburys. I feel compassion for him, and I was curious to find out the story of his life, how that he came to live on the streets. I was also thinking to go to an asylum, because there are many elderly people, that might have an interesting story.

Furthermore, we started talking about the steps that we should consider when making a factual film. First of all, finding a person is the hardest part of the process. When we find a person with a story to tell, we should also think at what makes him a good character. Also we should take in consideration things like: the editorial hook or angle, the visual treatment, researching information. Moreover, another important part of the process is thinking why this idea is appealing to the audience, and how can you make it sound more interesting. For this part we should give ourselves a lot of time in order to organise our ideas. The last part of the process is editing. An editor’s job is quite difficult because he is going to present the story in his own way. In order to be  a great editor you should be very creative and open minded.

The next step was: research. After the workshop, we went to the library in order to receive some details about the resources from the library. I already knew some of the things that were presented to us, because I’ve been many times to the library, in order to make some research for some projects, but I also learned some new things that I found very helpful. I am very pleased about all the resources that the library has, because back in Romania, we don’t have these kind of resources.

Now, that we know the process, we need to put it in practice. That’s the hardest part. We need to find a person who has an interesting story to tell and is willing to work with us.

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