“People to people”

Finding a person for our assignment “People to people” is not very easy, especially for an international student.  It is quite difficult to convince someone to cooperate with you and to tell you their story. It is quite difficult to make them trust you, in order to be open for a talk. I’ve started to think and to analyse what should I do? Where should I look for a person who has an interesting story?
My story must be a profile of an individual who lives or works in my local area.  My story can be based around three main themes: working lives, people’s passion, history.  As I told you before, I was thinking at a homeless guy or at a asylum with elderly people. I thought that they might have an interesting story, better said an unusual and tragic one.
Yesterday i got panicked. I thought that I won’t be able to find the right person, because I don’t know where to look for it. I looked out the window, trying to analyze people who were passing in front of the house, trying to think how could I start a conversation with them. Suddenly I came with an idea. I remembered, that one night when I was in a casino to play poker, I noticed a nice and old man, who said that he was a gambler all his life. He was sitting with me at the same table. I thought of him only as a nice old men, without knowing that in the future he might be the right person for my movie. I found out that he is still going to that casino every week.  Now its Wednesday. Its poker time! So I will go tonight at that casino, and I will try to find out his story. I am a little bit nervous. I hope that he will be there, and I hope that he will be willing to discuss with me about his life.
Keep my fingers crossed. I hope that tonight, its my lucky night!

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