“People to people” – finding a person

I did it!!!! Finally I’ve met Owen –  the right person for my assignment. Like I told you before, yesterday was the night when I was supposed to talk with Owen about the assignment. I felt really happy about meeting him, but a problem occurred. He called me and apologised for not being able to come to the meeting. But we decided to meet up today. Before telling you more about Owen, I would first like to show him to you. This is Owen, a very nice 68 year old man:


Not only that he is friendly, but he is also open minded and very confident in himself. That is due to the fact that he lived a very wonderful life, doing only things that he enjoyed. He was born in Coventry, but he moved to America after he fell in love with an American girl. He leaved in towns like: New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Florida and South Hampton. He tried to make his life as beautiful as possible.

Until now, maybe I didn’t get your attention, but here is the interesting part. He is a gambler. His biggest passion is gambling. Since he was young, he wished to make a living from casino games. He won a pretty big amount of money, but it was not enough for him. He started to work as a waiter and in his spare time he was going in casinos. He plays poker, blackjack, roulette and slot machines. But his biggest addiction is horse racing bets. Not only that he plays these games for pleasure, but he also started to learn how to become a professional. He read many books about gambling, he learned techniques, and most important he learned that the best secret is to have patience and to know when to stop. He says that he goes in casinos 5 nights per week, trying to earn as much as he can.

Now he is back in England, because one of his relatives is very ill, and he must take care of it. He says that he misses America very much, because for him America was the land of all opportunities. He can’t wait to be back. For now, this is all that I’ve got about him. I’ll come with some other details later on.


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