I started to look at several news from the, in order to analyse the way in which these news are presented and written. It helped me notice that all these news are wrote almost in the same way, based on the 5W’s, because without them the article is not clear, detailed and it doesn’t give all the information necessary. Moreover, another good thing is that I started to find out things that are happening in my area, that I wasn’t aware of them. I was also thinking that in order to make a good article, journalists must research a lot, and they must be in touch with local authorities, witnesses and victims. As far as I’ve seen, these articles  are well written, with many information in order for people to have a better sense about whats happening. On the other hand, I also believe, that they are some cases when the articles are not written on a researched base. I also believe that some of the articles contains facts that are untrue. This is done for a better audience.

Here are some local news that caught my interest:

Men arrested in Holbrooks in counter terrorism raid released without charge. Read More

Funeral of man who brought burger bar to Coventry. Read More

Neighbours evacuated as fire rages through industrial unit in Hillfields. Read More

Fire crews averted a major disaster after Coventry gas supply centre catches fire. Read More

Radio presenter Andy Kershaw to speak at Coventry University. Read More

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