Developing meaning – lecture 21.01.2011

Our second lecture was mainly based on our second assignment: “My poetic eyes”. In order to have a better sense of this assignment, our module leader showed us some films made in the same manner, consisting archive footage.

The first step of this assignment is to find an international subject that really interests us, such as an event, a disaster, something historical, maybe a war. In order to produce our film, we must search for videos related to our theme. We must be aware of everything that happened regarding that subject, because we must be well informed before beginning our assessment. After finding the videos we must edit it, so that the final product will look like a movie that is easy and clear to understand.

Moreover, we have to write poetry for our movie. Why? Because it needs to be touching, sensitive, it must reach people’s hearts whenever they see it. We need to open our soul, we need to show how we feel about the subject, how does affects us. After writing it, we need to record ourselves, and than to add the record to the footage along with the music, in order to create a sensitive atmosphere and to convey overwhelming feelings.

Maybe, at a first look a video recording can seem boring or uninteresting, but after adding some music and some poetry in it, it can become something amazing and touching. In order to have an impact on people, we must be completely dedicated to the subject. We need to transmit to the audience our emotions and our thoughts.

We watched a couple of movies such as “La Rabbia” by Pier Paolo Passolini. One of the movies, was really shocking. It was about Nazism, and it actually showed us horrific facts and the cruelty of the german’s population during the WWII. I can’t find words to describe what I saw in that movie. I don’t think that the images could describe the terror that those people felt. It is something unbelievable. After, I’ve found out that those who were very weak and had no strength, like women, children and elderly people, were taken into a room and than they were gassed. Their bodies were burned in a crematorium or dumped into a pit. On the other hand, men had to work until they had no power. What shocked me most, was to see how skinny their dead bodies were. In my opinion, what happened there is inhuman.

Furthermore, we received some tips about how to download videos from the Internet for our project, using Firefox plugin, download helper and a Youtube converter. Now, we have everything that we need for our assignment. We just need to get started!


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