Going global!

There are a multitude of ways of creating impact, some strong and some more subtle. The main focus of this lecture was advertisements, because this is the place were creativity meets marketing. We watched some commercials, and we discussed about the impact that these commercials have on the audience.

The Internet allows brands to communicate directly to the audience. This is good until some point, because it is quite difficult to distinguish advertising from other forms of content. Here is the example of Jessie J., who became very famous and popular due to her Youtube video, with her singing in front of a camera, although she already had a recording contract and an international profile. Moreover, artists can communicate with their fans through websites like  Facebook or Twitter. Not to mention the fact that companies try to become global through a multitude of online adds.

Another interesting part of the lecture was when we discussed about the black hat (illegal) vs. the white hat (legal) marketing.  It is known the fact that the illegal marketing can affect your business. How its that possible? Well, we talked about the example with BMW, which did some illegal marketing. Google, “the God of the Internet”, threatened BMW company, saying that they will take out the market their website if they don’t stop doing illegal things. This was like a punch in their face, because without their website, their sales will decrease significantly.

Furthermore we discussed about sounds and silence, and how important is the music in an advert. The right music, has the ability to emotion people,  emphasizes or supplements the drama and the action, highlights the character’s presence, it represents also the connection between time and space and it also creates an emotional expectation. Silence, can also create impact. But in my opinion, moments of silence are good when we contemplate or when we want to create a very powerful atmosphere. I wouldn’t enjoy watching a movie which has no sound, because I don’t think that I will be able to feel connected with that movie. We are too used with sound, and it is a very important and significant part from our lives.

Making an advert is a hard thing to do, because you need to pay attention at every detail, and you also need to make it as catchy as possible, because you want to “go global”. By doing a very good advert, that will attract people’s attention you will increase the sales of your product, and in the same time you increase your chances of going global. We watched some sports commercials from Puma and Nike, brands which I personally like very much. In terms of commercials, I think that Puma’s advert was more interesting and catchy, and got a strong viral, due to its funny context.

We also took a look at another adverts such as: Old Spice (The Man Your Man Could Smell Like), Bridgestone, Alex Roman’s film entitled ‘The Third and the Seventh’. The aim of these adverts was to emphasise that are numerous ways of creating impact, some positive and some negative. Commercials are only a tool of reaching people’s minds. Their goal is to create as much impact as possible in order to go global.



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