Treatment “People to people”

OWEN, is a very nice 68 year old man, who is living a content and pleasant life, doing only things that he enjoy, especially gambling. This is his biggest addiction. He cannot help himself from this temptation. All his life he dreamed to become a professional gambler.  He made from gambling not only a passion, but a way of living. He tried to read as many books as possible with tips and rules for gambling, and he started to gain experience by playing in casinos from Las Vegas, Miami, New York, South Hampton, Florida… He even has at home his own library of gambling books.

I would say that a casino is the most suitable place to shoot this film, because casinos are like a symbol of his own life (first I have to make sure that I am allowed to film in the casino). First of all, I would start filming him from the moment he enters the casino, until he reaches one of the poker tables, filming and emphasising some of the games(roulette, slot machines, blackjack etc) .  Meanwhile, he will be talking about how this passion for gambling began, and how is that this passion remained alive for such a long time. After he sits the table, I would start filming his hands shacking, his facial expressions and his cards, watching all his movements, while his telling to the camera, how gambling changed his life. He will talk about  the night life, about all the benefits  and disadvantages that gambling brought in his life. He will also tell us about what really gambling means for him. I would ask him to describe his life until this point in few words, and then to tell us if he regrets something or if is something that he would have liked to change about his life. From time to time I will be filming some pictures with him, from all the places he’s been through, in order to highlight his memories, his feelings and his emotions, when remembering those times.

I choose OWEN for my assessment, because I think that he has a very interesting story. He had a very unusual lifestyle, due to the fact that he hadn’t prejudices, he was very open minded, he made whatever crossed his mind. His goal in life was to be happy! The final shoot for my film will be when Owen wins the poker tournament, and he throws on the table his winning hand of aces. I believe that especially young people which have the same passion as him will be interested in this film, but in the same time I believe that this film is suitable for a bigger audience, because its not only about gambling, its about life. Owen can learn us a precious life lesson. He managed to be happy almost all his life, because he had the power to listen his instincts and his feelings and he did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. Not many people have this power…

In terms of music, I am thinking at jazz. I think that is the appropriate music. It fits both the decor and the character.



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