Mashing it up

In this lecture, we learned about mashups, term that to be honest I did not know until now. Mashups are things created through the combination of two or more elements, having as a result a bigger impact amongst people. There are hundreds of examples of mashups in our days: new types of music such as dubstep or drum and bass. So,  all these mashups are hybrid forms which brought us many benefits. Without this, we wouldn’t have modern art or composited photography. Here is a very funny example of mashups:

With the Internet is a little bit different. Internet mashups use the Application Programming interface of two or several programs, in order  to create a new one, which is more performant and innovative. Nowadays, people give for free their API and in this way we get to know things that we didn’t knew before. Few years ago, the web pages more static and the only possibility to glean information, was to  bookmark the page and re -visit it. Using the Way back machine, Mez managed to show us how it looked the web page of Coventry University several years ago. Mez also told us that there are two types of websites: pull oriented and push oriented. Pull oriented web sites are those which pull the information off a page, while push oriented web sites let you do the scrapping, letting you take information from their pages.

What’s the best part is that we can make our own mashups using Google Maps, Yahoo Pipes. RSS etc.


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