“My poetic eyes” – process

My project is almost done.  I’ve finally selected the parts from the clips in order to include them in my project. Maybe it sounds very simple when we say that it has only one minute in length, but the true is that is more complicated than I thought. Is difficult to make a 1 minute film that can include all the things that you want and in the same time that can transmit the emotions that you want. I’ve tried to focus on people’s pain and sufferance, I’ve tried to capture all he pain and anguish that existed in Haiti in that day. I believe that one of the aims of this project was to learn us how to select only pieces of information that are relevant to the subject, how to select the most appropriate shoots and how to bind them together.

I’ve also maid my poem, thing that like I’ve said before seemed very difficult. But I’ve tried to clear out my head and to concentrate on my project. In the end it wasn’t so bad; I think that I’ve managed to do it quite well. The wired part was when I recorded myself. I didn’t knew that my voice sounds like that, and it annoyed me a little because I was thinking that it sounds really bad. I’ve recorded myself for several times, and then I’ve chose the most appropriate record.

In terms of music, I’ve chose the soundtrack from Requiem for a dream. I think it fits perfectly with the video, because its very dramatic. Now almost everything is done. I have to check some things and to upload my project on Youtube. I am really curious to see everybody’s projects.

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