My poetic eyes – presentation

This Friday we had to present our “My poetic eyes” projects, and I have to say that I was a little bit nervous. I hoped not to have problems with mine, I hoped that it is well maid and that they will like it. In the end everything went well, except one thing: the music was too slow and we couldn’t hear it very well and clear. When I got home I’ve fixed the problem, and today finally I’ve managed to upload it on Youtube.

Regarding the other projects, I must say that I really enjoyed watching them. The problem was that the presentation lasted too long, and everybody was tired and eager to go home. I think that all the projects were good, though some of them needed in my opinion some extra work. I really appreciate those who had the courage to record themselves while rapping. In addition to this we had the chance to discover that in our class are some people with great voices, thing that can be really helpful for them in the future.

I congratulate everyone for finishing their work and turning up to the workshop. I think that everybody made a pretty good job. Some of them have a great talent in signing or making poetry, some of them had some very good ideas regarding the theme that they’ve chosen and some of them managed to make us laugh. Good job everyone!

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  1. Adina,

    Just watched the piece again and really liked it. There’s feeling in the writing and the lyrics are done well, you have chosen a range of good images but you could have done without so many maps. The music worked to add emotion but the level was to high compared to the voice.

    You have done some good research on the poetry and are reflecting well on your blog with the work, your development and progress. Its good to see the posting on Shaista also.

    So far so good but what’s happening with your People To People project?


    • Thank you for the feedback!

      I took into consideration what you told me about “My poetic eyes” project, and I’ve modified a little bit my piece. I left a single map, and I have adjusted the volume of the music. Now, I only have to upload the new version on Youtube, and then post it on my blog, though I have some problems in uploading it.

      Regarding my People To People project, we are working on it. Last week we went to talk with the manager of the casino, and unfortunately we are not allowed to film in the casino. So, our project won’t be anymore about the 68 year old gambler, cause we think that it won’t be that interesting if we can not film him there. Instead, we will interview a street dancer. At the beginning of the next week we will start filming.


  2. Adina

    Hope the filming is going well?


  3. Yes, the project is going well. Actually, yesterday we finished filming . Now, we have to do the editing part, and we will work on it in the weekend.

    I barely wait to see the final result!

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