Artifact 2: Prezi – For assessment

This is my repackaged artefact  in Prezi. You can watch it here :Repackaged artefact on Prezi. Hope you’ll enjoy it!
I wanted to start my Prezi presentation with my first impression regarding the Uni, so I described some of my emotions,  some of my thoughts and my fears. I believe it was a good beginning and I also hope that it will have a happy ending.
The first piece that I took from my previous work was my Cabinet of Curiosities, because I enjoyed doing it and I thing that it has interesting subjects. I know that it is a little bit long, but I hope you won’t get bored. In order to be more entertaining I’ve also put some pictures and some Youtube videos.
The second piece that I chose is about the character that we’ve been asked to make for the 160MC course. We have been divided in groups and we were asked to build a character based on our Cabinets of curiosities or on our personalities.  I think it was an interesting and funny task, because basically we had to create a complex character, with all sort of details and information about him, such as: life, hobbies, occupation, relationships, educational background. ethnicity, age, gender, interests, successes, aspirations, failures and influences. All in all I’m pretty satisfied of this task.
The third piece of repackaged content is the “My poetic eyes” task which has been also created for the 160MC course. We had to produce a film poem of one-minute duration by using web based archive material; and then based upon the theme chosen, we had to write a poem.
Prezi is a very good tool for presentations, and its obvious that it is much better than Power Point.  I believe that people would be attracted to use it more often, because is more entertaining and is also something more innovative.

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