Process and reflection – short movie

This week we took advantage of our free time, and we started to make our short film project. Edina, Linda, Giselle and I arranged a meeting in order to discuss our scripts and to decide which one are we going to shoot. We read each script, and we analysed them from many perspectives such as characters, time and place, action, items that we are going to need etc. Finally we decided upon Linda’s script, because it has an interesting idea and an interesting switch, but also because it is the easiest one to film regarding the locations that we needed. All the other movies were quite impossible to film at this stage, because it would have involved filming a car accident, or several scenes in a night club, we also needed some guns… So basically we didn’t have access to all this sort of stuff. Moreover, another problem was the fact that we hadn’t so much time, because we started quite late the work for this project, so we had to move quite quick.

We decided upon which things are we going to need for the shooting, and next day we went at Giselle’s house. Her place was perfect for the shooting, because it had everything that we needed, it was very spacious, and more than that we could work there in silence and we could remain focus on our work, because her housemates weren’t home. We also borrowed a camera to practice a little bit before the real shooting, in order to be sure that everything is like we planned. We decided upon where and how to film every scene.

Next day we borrowed all the necessary equipment. Some of the sequences were at night and some were during the day. Firstly, we decided to film the night scenes. We’ve prepared and arranged all the equipment and then we start filming. The bad part was that outside was really cold, and we had to stay there for a while because we took several shoots for every scene. We filmed from different angles and perspectives, so that we’ll have enough material for editing. Overall, I think it went pretty good and we’ve made a good job. This is because we were concentrated upon our work, we listened everybody’s advices and opinions and I must say that we collaborated really well. So making a movie, especially at night is not as easy as we thought. You need to be ambitious, hard working, careful at details and a reliable person.



The next day was more relaxing, if I can say so, because we had to film only two more scenes. We talked about the script, and we decided that it would be better if we would change one of the scenes, because it would fit perfectly with the script and it would give a better sense to the story. After filming, everybody felt relived that we finally finished our project.

Now comes the hard part: editing, which is an individual task. In this way we’ll have four versions of the story.At this task we have to be really creative, and I barely wait to see all the versions.

To conclude, I must say that this group is my favourite. I really enjoyed working with these girls because they are really hard working and they are really serious regarding their work. I think we’ve made a great team, and I am really satisfied about the final result.


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