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Research and Process

In order to create something in a professional way, first, you must be very informed. In addition, research is one of the most important keys for success.  The more information you have, the better prepared you are. I think that especially in this field, research is vital, because it helps us gather all sorts of information, it helps us to be in touch with everything that surrounds us. Research requires time and effort, but I think it will have a big importance in our future and in our career. This term, we had some interesting tasks to do which stimulated our creativity, but also our research skills.

I’ve tried to get involved in this class as much as I could, and that is why, beside the artefacts that we had to make, I wrote all kind of posts such as reflections about the lectures and the workshops. In this way I’ve managed to assimilate all the information that we received, and I’ve tried to accumulate as much knowledge as I could. Moreover, my interest grew up when I started to enjoy all that we’re doing at this course. I found all the subjects really interesting, and I really enjoyed doing all the tasks.

We worked in programs such as Google Maps or Prezi, that were new to me. That is why it was important for me to make research first, because it helps me to have a better sense about their software and about all the applications that they have. Secondly, the research helped me think at the impact that they’ll have on the public. Not only that these programs are  easy to use, but they can also create a great impact amongst people. For the first time, there was a program that creates more entertaining and funny presentations, than the once made in Power Point.

Moreover, the Photoshop program was new to me, so I had to do my best to learn how to use it. I’ve searched a lot of trailers of the program, to see exactly how it works, what effects has, and I’ve realised that this program has revolutionised the market of picture editing. It is used everywhere, in every part of the world, especially for magazines and celebrities. We were asked to make in Photoshop a header for our blog. Even if I’ve practiced meanwhile with several pictures, this was my major project. First, I carefully searched some adequate pictures to edit, and then I started the actual editing. I must say that it was not very easy for me to do it, but after watching a lot of trailers I’ve managed to create it.

The modern interpretation of a fairy tale, was another subject that attracted me. I enjoyed searching about the origins of some fairy tales, because they have interesting stories. It’s strange that in the past there were another versions of the fairy tales that we used to know. More than that, I’ve found out that fairy tales weren’t written for children, and their ending was not a happy one. I’ve found many sites with versions of well known fairy tales, and I really liked reading them. Regarding my modern interpretation of a fairy tale, I’ve chosen The Beauty and the Beast because it is my favourite one.

All in all, I’ve tried to do my best in completing all the tasks, by making research upon almost every subject and by being careful at every step of the process.




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