For Assessment

Things that I’ve learned in this course and the impact that they will have on my professional career.

The aim of this module is to help us reflect upon how to create a great impact in media production.  At the beginning I was very curious to see what are we going to do at this course, what things we will learn, what programs we’ll be using and so on. At this module I’ve learned that creating impact can be achieved by producing astonishing and innovative content. It also can be achieved by finding new methods of distribution, and also by creating interest about ourselves as media producers.

I believe that this module really helped me to have a better sense of everything that surrounds us, it made me reflect upon some new perspectives of seeing the things. Moreover, we have learned many interesting things that will be really helpful in our career and not only. We’ve learned about terms that are very common in our days, but unfortunately I didn’t knew what they mean until now, such as mash-ups and crowdsourcing. After seeing some videos, especially the Johnny Cash project, I’ve reflected upon crowdsourcing. In my opinion crowdsourcing is a very helpful and beneficial aspect, because it helps you develop things in new and interesting ways, like combining people’s ideas in order to make an astonishing and creative work. Who would have thought that working in such big groups can be really helpful, especially if those people didn’t knew each other? It seems that nowadays crowdsourcing is a brilliant method of creating original projects.

Furthermore, we’ve also learned about some key theorists such as: Lev Manovich, Henry Jenkins, Marshall McLuhan…By reading Hybrid forms article, I’ve found out that media had a very quick development in the last decades, in terms of genre, style, technology, methods of production,format etc..  Hybridity lead to the creation of new and innovative products. This development changed the perspective of a media object, the perspective of the audience and the way in which that media object is build. Now it is not only about art, it is also about science. This two different domains are now merging together.

Google maps and Prezi were one of the programs in which we worked and I must say that I really liked the way in which this presentations are made. These are very useful tools because they attract people’s attention more and more, due to their entertaining and interactive software. Photoshop was also a part of this module, so we had some workshops were we learned how to work in this program. I really enjoyed going to that workshops, because Photoshop can make miracles and I really wanted  to learn it. Nowadays every magazine and every star has his pictures modified in Photoshop. This program can transform everything in something spectacular and amazing.

Moreover, we’ve found out that fairytales were not exactly what we thought. In the past fairy tales were created for adults, and they didn’t have such a happy ending. Things develop and change, because they need to be in touch with the era in which we live. Its only a matter of time, traditions and customs…I’ve made quite a lot research upon this theme because I was really curios to see how were the fairy tales in the past.

Another aspect of this module was to reflect upon how important is the online presence and how its going to effect us. We, as media production students, must be in touch with the latest news, we must be informed about the changes that take place especially in our filed. Moreover the online presence is very important because it helps you to be noticed and remarked. This online presence can be moderate, having simple accounts on My space, Twitter, Flickr, facebook, or can be a stronger one, having blogs and websites.

We must consume media before starting to analyse it and understand it. Even  an account on Facebook, means that you have an online presence, because it helps you to find out what’s happening around you, you get in touch with new people, news and so on.

Blogs and websites are more personal ways of online presence. This are the places that define you as a person; this are the places where people have the possibility  to get to know you better and to share with you their opinions about your work. Here, you can post your work, your thoughts and your ideas. By having a blog or a website you increase the possibility of getting remarked by a professional. For instance a producer might see your scripts or your movie ideas, and they can become interested in you. It can help you to become a truly professional.

Moreover, searching on internet it is a very useful thing, because it helps you to develop your analysing skills and in the same time you will gain more knowledge about your field. Watching new films, documentaries, reading new posts, can help you develop your creativity. It helps you discover a new perspective, they might be a source of inspiration for you, giving you new ideas for further projects.

Media means also communication. You can’t be a media producer if you don’t know how to communicate with other people, how to engage in a conversation. The internet is a powerful source, is like a community where people can gather to discuss different area subjects, so it is very helpful from this perspective. This is the starting point.

We as media students must be always in touch with the latest information and news. We must first consume media in order to understand it. We must learn how to make research, we must pay attention at details and we must understand that becoming a media producer means a lot of work and dedication. The online presence, is the first step that leads us to the path of becoming a professional.

All in all, this course was an interesting one and it helped us to make a better sense about what media really means. Media is not only about movies, documentaries and TV shows, it is also about online presence, research and paying attention to details.



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