People to people – reflection and progress


Tomorrow is our hand in day, and now, finally I can breath relieved that we managed to finish our project. Unfortunately,  we left the editing work on the last 2 days, and we encountered some problems. It is really stressful to know that you have so little time until the hand in day, and you still didn’t finished your project. So, today we really worked under pressure, but I think we did a pretty good job. We learned a very important lesson: never leave your work on the last days.

Apart from this, at the beginning we were prepared to make our documentary about Owen, the nice old man who has been a gambler all his life. We started to think which location should we use for the interview, and we’ve made the conclusion that the visuals of the movie would be good, only if we are able to film in a casino. Unfortunately, this thing was not possible, due to privacy and other terms and conditions of the casino.

So we had to rethink all the project. Our new character is the President of the Coventry Street Dance Society .  I’ve considered that this second option is also really good, because he has a real passion for dancing and teaching. It is obvious that he has the dance in his blood. My group and I met and talked about how are we going to do our interview, what questions should we ask him, how and what are we going to film and so on. We decided that the best location would be the Dance Studio from the Coventry Sports Centre. Here, we’ve also had some difficulties that we mentioned earlier in the workshop, but we’ve managed to pass them, though not in the most correct way. Next time we’ll be more professional and we will act in the proper way.

The first time when we filmed him was last week on Tuesday evening, while he was teaching, in order to integrate these images in the project. We weren’t able to do the interview in the same evening because the Dance Studio was really crowded, but we decided to meet on the next day. Like we use to, we also made some pictures that show our involvement into the project and also the fun that we had.

Like I said before, on Tuesday we also met to discuss about the process and we have made also the questions. We decided that it would be better if he would read them first, so Edina send him the questions. Later on, we realized that this aspect has also positive and negative parts. On one hand its better like that because in this way he will be prepared and he will know at what to expect, but on the other hand it is bad because he might start to concentrate too much on his answers and he will become nervous. Luckily he didn’t had time to look at the questions, so Wednesday when we interviewed him, he heared the questions for the first time. It was obvious  that he has emotions due to the fact that he is not used to be in the front of the cameras. He was shacking and he was moving all the time. We asked him politely to try to calm down and relax, and he managed to control his emotions.

We filmed him from more angles, and Raul was the one who was questioning him. We filmed some of the questions for several time, to be sure that we have enough material for editing and to be sure that we have from where to chose. When we did the edit we cut down the parts when Raul asked him the questions, because we wanted the interview to flow.

All in all I think that everything went well, except the fact that we were panicked that we won’t have enough time for the editing. I want to see all the other projects, I’m really curious to find out other people’s story and I am also curious to see how were the documentaries created.




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