Editing – process and reflection.

After making the research about editing, I’ve started to figure it out how I could edit the film. It was kind of difficult because I had to cut a lot of parts of the film that were interesting, in order to have only 3 minutes length. I think that emotions are one of the most important parts of a movie, so I tried to highlight my character’s feelings. Music was a really helpful tool because it helped me highlight the fear, the suspanse, but also the excitement and the unpredictable.

Moreover, I used some sound effects where i felt that its necessary. For example I wanted to heighten the knock on the door, because from the footage you could not hear it very clear. By adding a sound effect I managed to make it more loud and clear. Moreover, I’ve used a gun shot sound effect because I wanted to give a message to the audience, I wanted to emphasise the fact that something bad happened, and I also wanted to give a little bit more suspense. More than that the gun shot exaplins the fact that one of the character’s is missing.  Another sound effect that I’ve used is: police sirens. I needed them for the last scene, because I wanted to make it look more real.

I also added some music, because some scenes seemed awkward, because it was to much silence. I used these songs because I think that they fit perfectly with the theme of the film, the first one is more funny, more entertaining, it matches  very well with the prank, while the other one is more dramatic, more touching and it is adding more suspense to the film.

I must say that I didn’t have a plan when I’ve start editing, but after some cuts I knew that this is exactly what I want to do. I wanted to combine different angles, different shots, I wanted the story to flow. I wanted to make it catchy, without revealing to much until the end. I tried to play with the footage that I had, I’ve tried different approaches, different perspectives. Everything was spontaneous. I tried  many different  combinations until I was pleased with it.

I don’t have experience in editing, so I am really satisfied about the final result. Though it was hard to make it, I think that my piece looks good.

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  1. ce tare e filmuuuuuu:)) mia placut tare tare:*

  2. Ms mult :). Ma bucur sa aud asta.

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