Broadcast Project

Like I’ve said before, we have to make a 10 minutes studio based programme. As we belong to the Spontaneity group, we must make a show based on this concept. What was really hard, was the fact that we didn’t knew from where to start, what things we should take in consideration, and what sort of content will we include in the show. Another problem was the fact that he have to be spontaneous, but in the same time we have to carefully plan all the details in order to have a great result.

The editorial workshops were really helpful, because we learned how we must think, from where we should start when we want to make a TV show. In our case, we should first decide what really means spontaneity for us, and then search some materials that define this concept. By doing this we’ll get inspired and then we can think at ideas for the content. In the workshops we watched some really good materials that fit our theme. The one that drew our attention the most was Smosh, a website shown by Jessica, which contains a huge range of funny pranks. We decided, that we should use in our programme funny moments or pranks, because the audience adores these kind of things and more than that , the reactions of the people from this videos were truly spontaneous.

Moreover, we thought at things that attract the audience, and we decided that we should also include games in the programme, because games are still popular and everybody loves them. We also took in consideration the idea of including a child in the programme, because children are spontaneous, funny and sweet. Unfortunately, this idea was not so good because it is really hard to work with  a child, because they get tired really easy, you cannot control them, you don’t know at what to expect from them, and more then that they can be really shy in front of the cameras.

At the studio session we have picked roles, and since we are a small group everybody received an important role. Like Karen said teamwork is really important, because everyone of us has a crucial role, and the failure of one of us will represent the failure of the whole team. Personally, I wanted to be the director and I’ve succeeded. I know that is a hard role, I know that I have many responsibilities but I wanted to challenge myself, I want to become more and more involved in everything. I don’t have experience in this, so I will practice a lot in order to have a good result. I also searched on the internet about TV directors, in order to be as informed as possible about this role:,,,

Now we have to get to work, and decide the content of the programme. After we decide upon the content, we have to write the script, and then things will be easier for everyone of us. Of course we’ll have to practice a lot because I think that this is the key to success. I am really happy with our group, because we are getting along very well, and everybody wants to get involved in this project as much as they can.


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