Studio programme

Before the holiday, our group had a lot of meetings, because we had to decide many things such as the theme, the script, the content, the videos that are we going to use, the set, the timings etc.. We wanted to have all the aspects done until the holiday, because after we come back we’ll have only 2 weeks until the due date, and we want to use our time especially for rehearsals.

The theme that we choose is food, because it is really popular, and is something that can attract every type of audience regardless of age, sex or ethnicity. More than that, we want to make something funny and spontaneous, so we are also including games based on food. The only problem is that we have to choose really carefully the food items that are we going to use, because using food in the studio can turn up to be really messy, and we don’t need this type of complications. Also, we have to make sure that none of the contestant are allergic to the food that we are going to use. At the beginning we wanted to have three game rounds, but time is too short. So we decided upon these two rounds: the first one is the food tasting round, where the contestants must guess what ingredients they tasted, and the second round is called the food art round, because they have to make a piece of art using fruits and vegetables.

The set must fit the theme, so we thought at a traditional, countryside background, using picnic tables, baskets etc. We still have to decide upon the background, because we don’t know what wallpapers are we going to use. We’ll have two separate parts of the studio: one for the contestants and the games, and one for the interview.

I am happy that we managed to make the script, though we had some complications with the timings. After we made the first draft and we write it on the autocue, we’ve made some changes on the paper, and the timings weren’t matching the script that was on the autocue. So we had to stop the rehearsals in order to solve that problem.

Also, we are going to use a mascot, wearing a banana costume. The mascot will be the one that will bring the envelopes with the game rounds and with the winners to the presenters and it will also write on a board the score of the rounds. We also thought that it will be really funny to do the interview with the mascot which is going to talk about her life as a fruit. Regarding the performance part, Nigel is going to make a food rap. He will be given three words (vegetables, fruits, sweets etc), and he must create rhymes based on those words. This moment will represent also the end of the show, and during his performance we are going to roll the credits.

We also chose the videos that we are going to use. As the show is called NET TV, we must highlight the connection with the internet. So the presenters will have a laptop, and they are going to pretend that they are receiving messages from the audience, and that some of the videos are send by people who are watching the show.


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