Before the holiday we had a quite good perspective about how our programme is going to be: we had a draft of the script, we had some ideas regarding the set, we knew what VT’s are we going to include in the programme, and we knew who person we’ll be interviewing. But in my opinion the hard part came after the holiday, when we started to think at the details that made the differences between our show and others.

The most important thing that we needed to finalise was the script, so the presenters had to add their own jokes to the script, they had to add things that are more related to the internet in order to fulfil the brief completely.  In order to be more Internet based, the presenters will have a laptop in the studio, and they will pretend that the videos that we are going to include in the programme are send by the audience. Then, after the script was done we managed to make the timings, though it was pretty hard because we didn’t knew exactly how long the game rounds are going to be, or exactly how long it’s going to be the interview because we weren’t able yet to make any rehearsals with the contestants and with the banana mascot. We had to make several rehearsals in order to be sure about the timings, because here the precision and the coordination is everything.

Moreover, in my opinion our biggest problem was the set. Before the holiday we were thinking to use for the background a traditional wallpaper, with a park,  because we wanted to fit  our theme, and we wanted to make everything like at a picnic. But then, I thought that this kind of background will be totally inappropriate because our programme is supposed to be on a weekly basis, and the background must fit any kind of theme. Then I talked with them about it, and we discussed about a flowery wallpaper. I still wasn’t satisfied, because in my opinion you can’t put a background with flowers in a show were both of the presenters are men, especially if it is with white and pink. Finally we decided at a simple material, purple or green because we thought that it will look better and I was happy with the idea. After one of my colleagues bought the material I saw that it is actually pink not purple or green, so I have my doubts that this colour was the best choice. We are going to make some drawings on it, and then we’re going to use a big logo of the programme in the middle, and some funny pictures with the presenters. Another problem was the floor, which looks really bad, so we needed something to cover it. We found an orange carpet, which definitely wasn’t matching the background colour, so we had to be creative. We decided to turn the carpet on the other side which was white, and now it looks better.

Regarding the set, we are going to divide the studio in two parts, one for the interview and one for the game rounds. Regarding the games, we want to make everything as funny as possible because it’s a comedy show, and we are going to use: picnic table cloths, babybibs, cocktail umbrellas, food, plastic knives and forks, cocktail sticks, napkins, cups, blindfolds, drums etc.. As I mentioned in an earlier post our programme is going to be about food, and so are the games. So we’ll have to be careful at what type of food are we going to use, because it shouldn’t be messy, so we thought at fruits and vegetables.

I am really happy with the videos that we’ve picked for the programme because I think that they are really appropriate, and I think that they perfectly match with both of the themes spontaneity and also food. These are the three videos which we are going to include in the show, and the last two were found by me:

Another thing that I want to mention is the fact that I am really satisfied with the titles made by Rhys. He did a good job, because the titles announce the main theme of our comedy show which is spontaneity, and in the same time is dynamic and funny:

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