The “as live” recording


Thursday was a big day for all of us, because we recorded our first TV based programme. We had to give the best that we could, because we wanted to prove that we really worked at this project and we enjoyed doing it. We were stressed about the time, because we had only two hours in order to finish everything, so we met a little bit earlier to discuss again all the details, and to see if everyone knows what they are supposed to do. While being there, we talked with other groups which already recorded their programme, and we’ve found out things that panicked us a little bit. For instance one of the groups had problems with their videos and they had to put the videos on a tape again, and the other group couldn’t record their programme on the tape.

When we got in the TV studio we knew that everybody must concentrate on their job and that everybody needs to work really fast, especially when building up the set because we had a lot of props and details. We had to glue some pictures and letters on the background material, but they were constantly falling down, so we had to put them on the material over and over again. Overall, I think that we had a great set, that really fitted our theme. I think that it was complex and stylish if I can say so, because we used many props, we covered all the studio, we tried to fill the background with several things, we put in the middle the logo of our programme and we were careful at details.

After we finished the set we were really enthusiastic and happy about it, because it took us little time to build it. So we thought that there’s nothing to worry about from now on because everybody knows what they’re doing. Unfortunately we were wrong. We had two big problems, that thanks to Bex we managed to solve. One of the problems was the fact that the autocue was not working properly. We hadn’t so much time, so I’ve asked the presenters if they can give it a go without the script, and they said that even if they don’t feel comfortable, if its the only solution they’ll do it like that; but luckily, Bex solved the problem.  When we wanted to start recording, we had another problem with the VT’s. We had to wait another 10 minutes in order to fix it. I was a little bit panicked, because we had only 50 minutes left or so, meaning that we could make only 3 takes.

The atmosphere in the studio was ok, but everyone was nervous, thing that was obvious especially at the first take, when we couldn’t coordinate the timings. Our second take, was better, the presenters and the camera people seemed to feel more comfortable and I received pretty good shots, but since we had time for another one we decided to give it another ago. The last take was the best, the presenters acted really good, they were funny, spontaneous, the camera people managed to capture all kind of details, they’ve filmed from different angles, they were more creative and more careful than ever. So our final take was the best one. I cannot say that its perfect, because we had some mistakes such as: we caught out the length of one of the videos, because the video was a little bit longer than what we had on the timings, and the other problem is related with the credits, because againg there was not a good synchronisation.

I’ve also made some mistakes, because I had to pay attention at a lot of things, and one or two times I didn’t knew exactly what shot to pick, but overall I think it went ok. Yes, of course we have many mistakes, but overall I am pretty satisfied of the final result. I really enjoyed working with everyone of my colleagues, and I am certain that we all had a lot of things to learn from this project. For instance, I’ve discovered that being a director is exactly what I want to become. I know its a lot of work, I know that I’ll have many responsibilities, that I’ll have to be really dedicated to my work and so on, but I am pretty sure that if I practice a lot I can make my dream come true.

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