Director role (For Assessment)

Few months ago I saw social media only as a place of communicating with your family friends, or keeping in touch with people you don’t know and their work. But as the days passed, this module learned me that social media is much more than that. Social media can be a very useful tool for your professional career, because through social media you can promote yourself and also your work and it gives you the possibility to get in touch with people that otherwise you wouldn’t have the chance to meet. All this Facebook revolution helped us understand that now we have the chance to get in touch with people from every corner of the world, receiving information in real time and being able to make us noticed.

Furthermore I will talk about my profesional development on the role of a studio based programme director. At the beginning it was a real challenge for me to be a director, but after a while I’ve started to become more and more confident. In this job the key to success is communication. Also in this area, Facebook was really important for all of us, because we had the chance to communicate with each other at any time, whenever we had something to say. Facebook and platforms like Facebook made our life easier. We evolved, we weren’t using Facebook only for entertainment and only for keeping in touch with our families and friends. Now we were using it at another level: academic purposes.

Furthermore, at the beginning of the project, as a director I wasn’t satisfied about how the camera people were working, because they were standing steal, they weren’t so creative. So I talked with them, I told them that I need to get shots from different angles, I told them that I want them to be more dynamic, I want them to capture little details, the presenter’s reactions etc.. I also wanted some closeups on the presenters, on the contestant and also on the food that we used, in order for the public to have a better sense of what is happening in the studio. I wanted them to film in parallel  both the presenters and the contestants when was the case, for example when it was the interview, because while the presenters were interviewing the banana mascot, the contestants had to make the food art round.  Another problem at the beginning was the fact that they couldn’t follow very well the presenters while they were moving, and sometimes they were cutting their head from the shot, but they got used to it and they fixed the problem. I needed to permanently communicate with the VT operator, with the floor manager and with the camera people, and in the same time I had to pay attention at the script and at the shots. It is kinda of hard to do all these things in the same time but I got used to it.

On Thursday, when we had to record our programme as live, we were all nervous and panicked because we had some problems with the autocue and with the VT player. The atmosphere  was tense so we’ve tried to relax and to enjoy what we’re doing. Unfortunately we became to relaxed. There was a lot of chat in the studio, thing that distracted me a little bit. I needed to be focused in order to observe every detail, and every shot and that is why I’ve made some mistakes and I didn’t choose always the best shot. We also had some problems with the timings, because the instructions were not clearly heard every time, and people got confused. Many things were happening in the set, there were 4 people, and we couldn’t always catch their best reactions. We should have been more quick and more focused on what we were doing. Another problem that I’ve seen is the fact that in some shots the contestants are not fully visible, we can see them only from one side. I think that these problems are normal in one way or another because we are beginners, and we’ll need a lot more practice and experience in order to make a perfect TV show.

Now when I’m watching a movie, or a TV show I’m starting to pay attention at things that maybe in the past I wouldn’t even notice. I start to analyse the frames, I’m paying attention at the way in which is made, I’m trying to pick up some ideas… I’m also paying attention at the way in which the camera people are filming. What I love about this role is that you can’t get bored of it; it is really interactive and it really keeps you focused on your work. Being a director is like a dream job for me, it is exactly what I would like to do, and that is why I want to practice more and more.

Having this role helped me realise how important is to work in a team. Now I know exactly what Karen wanted to say a few weeks ago: ‘TEAMWORK is essential to the success of your programme – you will only be as good as your weakest person!’. Now I know that we depended in one way or another one of each other, especially because we were a small team.  All in all I see this project as an experience, I’m happy because I learned so many things, I learned how to work in a team, I also improved my technical skills, I learned that I always have to pay attention at what is happening around me, I always have to be alert and take quick decisions and we’ve also learned how is to work under pressure. And returning to what I said in the beginning, in the future I’m positive that I will use all these platforms like Twitter or Facebook in order to promote my work and to start making new contacts in this area. I think its a great chance to start making a new business.


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