Personal reflection and evaluation (For Assessment)

Overall, this module learned us how to create a great impact in media production, using a wide variety of techniques and programs. We learned that in order  to succeed in this area, you have to be really creative and innovative, so you’ll have to be in touch with the latest trends and news. In this post I’ll reflect mostly upon the second term, that was mostly concentrated on our broadcast project.

At the beginning of the module, I was a little bit confused about all the roles from the studio, because there were so many and I’ve practiced them randomly. I can’t say that I was very good at any of the roles, but I felt pretty comfortable being a vision mixer and director. So this project was my chance to deepen my knowledge, and also made me realise that what I love to do the most is being a director. Another positive aspect of this project, was the fact that I’ve also understood all the other roles involved in our studio based programme. Every role is important, it is like a connection between all the people from the studio. The failure of one of them, represents the failure of the whole team.

It was really important that we’ve learned how to work in a team. My role involved many decisions, I had to control things in a way or another, but in the same time I’ve treated everybody as equals, always asking for opinions and advices, because after all we were a team and we had to take all the decisions in group. I’ve learned that working in a team can be easy, but in the same time can be also hard. On one hand its very constructive, things are going much faster, everybody is contributing with ideas, opinions and so on, but in the same time it can be difficult because people have different personalities and there are times when misunderstandings occur, and not everybody works as hard as others.

Being left on our own for most of the time, we had to learn how to organise our work, how to divide it, how to be careful at every little detail and how to work under pressure. So I think that it was a very useful experience. But, there were times when I’ve felt the need for more support from someone advised. There where times when we didn’t knew exactly what to do, or if we took the right decisions regarding some aspects and then we needed someone who can give us some support, some directions or ideas.

Overall, I believe that this project was one of the first steps of becoming professionals. The fact that we weren’t supervised all the time, helped us realise that we must start to be more serious regarding our work, that we have much more responsibility than we were used to have and that from now on everything its up to us. If we’ll be determined, if we’ll have will, if we’re going to work and to practice more and more, than with certainty our future will be wonderful.


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