“Net TV” – critical process (For Assessment)

When people normally think at TV shows they might have a wrong impression, thinking only that working in television implies a glamorous job, without many concerns and  worries… But no one can truly appreciate the work that is behind the cameras, without passing through such an experience. This was also my case. I didn’t thought that working in television is an easy thing, but I didn’t imagined that it can be so stressful. To give the public a show worth watching, an entire team must work hardly, must be calm. ordered, confident, well prepared and the most important thing of all they must have a good understanding of the schedule and of the team roles. More than that, every second can bring them an unexpected “surprise” so they have to be prepared for everything.

At the beginning, when we received this task we didn’t knew exactly at what to expect too, but as time passed it became a bit of a challenge. We had to act like a real team, we had to support each other, we had to listen advices, opinions, we had to respect each other and we had to take most of our decisions in group. No one did something without consulting the other members of our team. So I think that from this point of view we did a great job, we learned to work in a team, and that is a hard thing to learn because people are different, is quite hard to get along well with everyone. I think that its important to be open minded, I think its important to treat each member equally, but in the same time I think that you should be also authoritative when its the case.

In terms of rehearsals and meetings with the group I can’t say that I’m very satisfied, because some of the members didn’t show up, or they came pretty late. This slowed us down, especially because we were a small group, and if one person was missing it was kind of hard to find someone who could have replaced that person.  I think that we could have been more prepared, we could have done more rehearsals, because we need to practice in order to make something good.

In the big day, we were all nervous and stressed especially because our autocue and VT player crashed, thing that was completely unexpected. We panicked, but we didn’t lose our hope. So we tried to stay relaxed and to enjoy the show. But apparently we were too relaxed, so we lost some of our concentration. There was a lot of chat in the gallery and in the studio during the takes, thing which prevented a good communication between us. On the other hand, we should have interpret the spontaneity theme different, in order to give to the audience a better sense of whats happening in the studio. The presenter’s attitude though was really good, attracting the audience with their sense of humour, but this was not enough. The audience must understand what is happening in the show in order to keep following it.

In terms of set, we tried to create two different areas: one for the interview and one for the game; we tried to cover all the studio, we tried to put as many elements and props as possible. I wasn’t very satisfied about the background colour because it was pink, and I didn’t thought that is appropriate for this kind of show, but I couldn’t do anything about it because the material was already bought.

All in all I think that we all had something to learn from this project, and we all were enthusiastic about it. My opinion is, that if we would have been more serious and more concentrated on our work the programme would have been better. We need to learn how to become professionals.  We need to learn that every moment counts in a TV show, and if we are not paying attention at every second something bad might happen.


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