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Design, usability and optimisation are the key points for a good website. In consequence, I tried to combine all of this elements in order to make my site attractive but in the same time easy to use.

The appearance has the greatest impact on website visitors, and the look of the website can quickly change visitors’ perceptions. In addition to this I tried to use bright colours, I tried to attract the visitors by adding some photo galleries, videos and also some links for additional information.

Moreover, from my own experience I know that is very frustrating if the site is to complicated made, so I’ve tried to make it very accessible. So, on the first page I added some details about me and my work, in order to introduce me to my visitors, and then I’ve made a brief presentation of the site. Also, I’ve highlighted the titles, in order to make it more easier for viewers to distinguish the articles.

Furthermore, I tried to introduce elements of social media, such as chat widgets and comments widgets, making in this way a better connection between me and the visitors of my site. Also, in this way I can add all sorts of content to my website according to my visitors’ preferences.

In order to make it more appealing I’ve also added a flash logo, made with a  parameter used in Flash banner advertising: BannerSnack,
which adds an extra touch of style.  Also I’ve customised the menu buttons:


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Optimist, friendly,'ll get to know me :)

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