Idea for talk show – Weird or what?

This was my initial idea for the core module, idea which I developed during the summer holiday:


In a country full of cultural variety, knowing a different culture than yours, becomes more than a curiosity.

With this show we want to discover the most strange and hidden traditions and rules of a culture. We’ll have guests from all over the world… Fashion, love, life-style, forbidden passions, affairs, marriage and religion are only some of the topics that will be discussed until the last spicy detail.

We are interested to share with the viewers all the weird aspects of the cultures that surround us. We want them to find out how other people are supposed to live their life, what bizarre rules can exist, or how little freedom some people have…

This show it’s going to be much more than a talk show, because the guests will put the cards on the table. They will talk freely about both positive and negative aspects of their culture, without hiding anything from us.


People from all over the world, talk about the weirdest traditions and rules of their culture.

The guests will be ordinary people, from every corner of the world, who agree to share with us some life changing cultural experiences. This show may therefore have both comic and dramatic moments, depending on each story that is being told.

There will always be two guests from different part of the worlds in order to emphasize the differences that exist between cultures. The host will reach different topics, which arouse curiosity, from the way in which they have to dress to subjects like: love, life- style, strange rules or laws,  affairs, marriage etc..

The host is very important, because it is the one who has the most influence for the accomplishment of the show. The host’s duty is extremely important, because she is responsible for brain storming ideas to develop the storyline of every little segment of the show. This is why I think that a women is more appropriate for thins kind of show, because it can faster reach to the guest’s heart; it has to be sensible but in the same time with a strong sense of humour because there will be a lot of funny moments too.

The show will impress and will engage the audience, because it presents a life different from the one that we know. It presents situations, habits, rules, traditions that seem to be drawn from another world, but which are completely true.  The viewers can make then a comparison, and start to appreciate more the life that they have, and the freedom that they have.

In terms of the audience, there will be two types of audience associated with this show. The studio audience, won’t have an impact to the show rating, but it stimulate the whole atmosphere of the show; they can engage in the conversations, and they are free to ask questions. On the other hand is the home audience who I assumed that is going to be formed from high school teenagers to elderly people, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

This genre – talk show, it is important because it is not only entertaining but it also has an educational and cultural purpose. Everybody can learn something from someone else’s experience.  The traditional barriers are broke down because this kind of shows, show the reality as it really is.

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