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All3Media has come top in the annual survey of the UK’s biggest independent producers, with a turnover of £241.6m..

The company was founded almost 8 years ago, “by former ITV executives Steve Morrison, Jules Burns and David Liddiment, All3Media has moved ahead of rivals such as IMG Media and Endemol to become the sector’s highest revenue earner and take the so-called “super-indie” crown, according to trade magazine Televisual’s annual Production 100 survey.” (

Of course, the key to success consists in the shows that were produced by them, and in their innovative ideas. I choose two shows that I follow and that I consider to have a great success.

The Gadget show is one of the programmes produced by this company. The show reviews the latest gadgets and broadcasts the latest technology news. What is more appealing is the fact that it gives the mass consumer an insight view into the gadget world. In addition, it gives enough information for the more knowledgeable audience, but in the same time is also accessible for the casual viewer.

The show has featured Blu-ray Discs, video cameras, MP3 players, Internet multi media tablets and other technologies. It also includes a segment showing viewers how to get the most out of their technology; it also contains a “Top 5” feature which consists of the Top 5 gadgets in a certain category.

In 2010, the show saw the release of a supporting magazine called ‘The Gadget Show Magazine’.

How to look good naked is another show produced by the same company. The presenter: Gok Wan encourages man and women to go naked in front of the cameras in order to start feeling comfortable in their own body. The show is very different from all other makeover shows, because it never encourages participants to undergo cosmetic surgery.

The format of the show is based on self-esteem. The show includes: showing a large picture of the woman in question nude, and asking random people what they think about it; the answer is always positive, and that builds the self esteem on that women. Moreover, Wan throws the woman’s underwear, replacing it with more flattering items. Then the woman is photographed naked, and she parades on the catwalk in from of the family and friends.

Endemol UK is another big production company, which creates innovative formats, which have changed the face of popular culture.

“The UK Group incorporates a number of production brands including Remarkable Television, Initial and Zeppotron. These three specialise in a broad range of genres including gameshows, entertainment, specialist factual, comedy and scripted series.

In November 2009, the Endemol UK group further expanded with the acquisition of three of the UK’s leading independent production companies Tiger Aspect, Darlow Smithson and Tigress. This significantly increased the company’s output in areas such as drama, comedy, and factual programming.

Endemol UK is also a market leader in digital media and has now established a Digital Board at the heart of the business incorporating the creative heads of the company. In addition, the UK group has a 25% stake in digital entertainment producer and distributor MoMedia International Ltd and a 40% stake in digital film producer Pure Grass Films.” ( Again I will chose 2 shows that I think they had the biggest success.

Big Brother was the first show in which a group of people were living in the same house, being continuously watched by cameras and being isolated from the rest of the world. Each series lasts for almost 3 months, and there were almost 15 participants. At regular intervals, the participants have to nominate one of their housemates in order to be evicted from the house. At the end of the show, the winner will receive prizes such as a large amount of money, a car, a house etc..

The participant are carefully choose, so that they are very different from a sociological or demographic perspective. Here comes the opportunity to analyse their reactions when they are forced to live in the same house with people who lie outside their comfort zone, since they have different ideas or opinions. The housemates are required to do housework and other tasks set by the producer, in order to test their abilities and their community abilities. Despite derision from many critics, the show has been a commercial success around the world.

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