4 Week Project – Film shoot

The filming was quite quick, cause we already knew exactly what we want to do. Everyone was really cooperative so we worked like a true team, and we felt really comfortable with each other. Everyone was opened to new suggestions, so we filmed every scene from different angles and perspectives, so we have some good shots in there.

On the other hand we encountered some problems  that slowed us a little bit, such as pedestrians walking all over the place, interrupting our work, finding appropriate areas to shoot the video etc..But beside all these aspects, we had a wonderful weather; though it was really cold, we had a strong natural light that helped us render a good image quality and coloristic. We wanted to cover all the aspects, so we were careful also with the sound, recording all the ambience sounds.

We decided not to use actors, because we could easily swap roles between each other. I felt really good about this project; not only that I learned a few new things, but I also had fun doing it.

This was a really great team to work with, and I am really pleased of our final result. I barely wait to see all the other projects. I will be back with more details about the feedback.

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