4 Week Project – Storyboard + Script

We all had a meeting in order to develop our story, and to write a storyboard.  This is what we’ve got:


 Smiley leaflet in every scene / On guitar / On lampposts /

Music video starts off camera inside car whilst parking. The driver gets out of car; the camera is on Adina who draws a smiley face on a sticky note and then displays the leaflet on his car; camera focuses on the woman’s hand until the leaflet is on the car window. Then, we focus on the sticker from the car whilst people are walking past.

An angry guy (Tik) is ranting over the phone, he is about to walk past the car with the smiley leaflet on the window, and see’s this note and begins to smile and brighten his mood. He is now happy and walks into underground tunnel towards the train station. He then walks slowly past a less fortunate man “Busking” angry man then gives money to him; tramp is happy and plays more guitar tunes, up until he has enough money to get a coffee. He then walks to the nearest café, and whilst about to walk around a corner in the tunnel bumps into Ben. A random person – Ben is furious because he’s a busker who bumped into him. Money is dropped on floor, tramp goes to pick it up, but camera then focuses on Ben who walks out of the underground tunnel.  Another guy sees what happened and goes to help Joe to pick up his money.

Camera then follows angry Ben out of tunnel. As he’s walking he see’s a yellow note on the path ahead of him, more begin to appear, camera shot of his foot… He see’s more and eventually he notices Adina trying to gather her fallen leaflets, Ben assists his help… close up of them 2 smiling and Adina then gives him a leaflet for helping. Then Adina walks and Ben goes in the same direction. A last shot a a smiley face on the floor.

So after we all made this storyboard, Joe made the script:

Opening shot

The camera is fixed on a car as we are looking out towards the road. The car slows down to park where the camera remains in it’s fixed position. You can see a number of people in the back ground. No music is being heard.


The camera is then focused onto the window, which is blank, with a slow zoom inwards.


We see a note bring stuck onto the window with a smiley face and smile drawn on it as we watch. The music begins.


The camera swivels to see Adina who has put on the note. She smiles and walks off.


A medium wide shot from behind the car shows a number of people walking past and not paying any attention.

Angry Man Inroduction

We then follow Tik who is walking towards the car. He is on the phone and is clearly upset at the caller, visibly shouting. Medium close-up, over the shoulder.

Angry Man 2

Close-up of Tik as he hangs up the phone, standing next to the car.

Car pov

Back to the shot of the window, as you see Tik approaching it, concentrating.

Takes Sticker

Medium Close-up as Tik removes the sticker and smiles. He puts it into his pocket.

Tik Follow

Camera follows Tik as he goes through the underpass, I busker can be seen in the background.

Joe Introduction

Medium wide shot of the busker as he plays his guitar. The camera stays fixed as we see Tik walk by him, stop then turn round.

money exchange

A medium close up as Tik gives Joe some money. The camera pans up to show Tik smiling.

Joe Focus

The camera now focuses on Joe who smiles back. It pans round to see Tik leaving. You can just make out a smile sticker on Joe’s guitar.

Joe Leaving

A side shot sees Joe put down his guitar and collect the money. The camera zooms out as we see him pick his guitar back up and leave.

Joe pov

A POV shot shows Joe walking around the the corner where he bumps into a man. The man isn’t pleased

Money Falls

We see the money fall and clatter onto the floor, going everywhere.


Mediam shot as Joe picks up his money, Ben does not help and looks displeased at Joe as he collects it. There is a smile sticker located in the background.

Ben follow

The camera pans back up to focus on Ben as he walks off, still clearly annoyed at the busker. We follow Ben out of the tunnel as he walks briskly.


A low shot of Bens legs and feet are seen as he is walking quickly. He steps on a smile sticker which the camera stays on.

Smile Stickers

A medium low shot shows more stickers on the ground infront of Ben. A slow pan up reveals Adina picking up the stickers on the floor.

Ben helps

A medium side shot shows Ben to walk past but he stops and then helps Adina pick up the stickers. The camera follows Ben’s movements as he bends down to help.

Ben and Adina exchange

The camera is fixed in the middle of the two. It focues on Ben handing over a number of stickers to Adina. It then pans to Adina who says thank you, smiles and hands Ben one back. We see Ben collect this.

Ben smile

Close up of Ben as he smiles after recieving the sticker. The camera pans again to see Adina walking off.

Ben pocket

Medium shot as Ben looks at his sticker, puts it in his pocket and then walks after her.

Final sticker

The camera is a medium low shot as it shows Ben walking off in the direction of Adina. It then pans very slowly to the floor and focuses on the last smile sticker, witht he final shot being an extreme close-up. The music fades out to signal the end.


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