4 Week Project

For the next lecture, we had to pitch our best three ideas, in order to present them in front of everybody and decide which one should we pick.

Here are our 3 pitches:

Chain reaction
Main idea – short film / music video about a chain reaction: how everything we do affects other people.

Details – We tell a story by following people from different backgrounds in their everyday lives; one bumping into another, or interacting, or using an object as the link between their stories. Mostly people who don’t know each other; on the street & maybe a bit inside

Q & A / possible problems:
Health & Safety
Do people in the street want to be in shot? Ask for permission etc.
Legal issues – copyright of the music

The Viral Advert Pitch : 

Main idea: – a viral advert about the ”Cadbury” brand of chocolate bars.

Platform: YouTube – if it was on a video sharing platform such as this giant, leading brands, such as Cadbury, could pay YouTube to advertise on its site. And, just, generally for the privilege of being up on it and having featured videos highlighted in yellow.

Target Audience : 16-24
[An age demographic with disposable income]

Details: – the storyboard:
The chocolate bars can be advertised by different ‘personalities’ reflecting them. People against a white background on all videos. For branding consistency.
For example:

Twirl; a Dancer.
Curlywurly; a girl, with curly hair.
Starbar; camp guy. Who dreams of big.
Wispa; a reserved individual.

Majority of advertising for the campaign – billboard posters, television advertisements. AS > GO ONLINE VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE.

The advert’s slogan: “A Bar With Personality”


Main idea: – funny advert/ about a men’s shower gel which is specially designed to smell bad.

Details: – the storyboard:
We tell the story of a man who tries the new shower gel, and then goes in public. When he tries to flirt with a girl, she faints from the smell. The funny part is that the boy thinks that she fainted because he’s irresistible:
“Ohh, it’s only my charm…”

The advert’s slogan: It will become your favourite product because it’s the only one that can get this effect on girls.
Only real men use it!

After we thought really well at what we are going to do, we decided that we should combine two of our ideas: the karma story and the music video. Ben then came with an idea for the opening scene: “a small kid is on a bus with his mother; he breathes on the window to fog it up and writes something like “smile :)” they get off the bus. A man or woman(looking tired/sad) then gets on the bus and sits in the seat where the kid sat, sees what he wrote on the window which then makes him/her smile, guy steps off the bus then the music starts…”. We really liked the idea, but we thought that we should adapt it, cause it was a little bit to hard to film in a bus.

What we wanted to emphasise was that people’s actions can always influence somebody else in a good or bad way. It’s not necessarily a strong influence, but it can affect your mood and your disposition.


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