4 Week Task

It’s great to come back again at uni projects after 3 months of holiday. We’re rested, we’re fresh, relaxed so let’s start in force!

What I really liked about this project is that we didn’t had any kind of restrictions, so we  focused our attention at something that we always wanted to make. Because we are already second year students, me and my group decided that we should make something more different, more interesting. I must say that I was really happy with what we achieved in a short period of time.

After the first day, we already had some strong ideas about what we would like to do. We focused on every aspect such as: How are we going to market it? Who is our target audience? How do we find sponsors? How do we make it viral?

Here are our ideas:

Music Video/ Lipdub/ Music parody 

Tell a story within a music video / create a music video for a popular (or not) song, which is funny and positive

TV Show –  Something like Top Gear or The Gadget Show

Talk about new pieces of technology; compare new and old gadgets (EX: Stairs vs Elevator?)

Chain reaction video

We follow the story of a few people which are linked together through a common object.

Weirdest traditions

A mockumentary about different nationalities and the differences between them. The weirdest traditions and rules from each culture are brought to light.

Funny advert/ parody

Make funny adverts (parody) about  fictional or real products – maybe we can connect this advert to different websites where people can vote their favourite products.

Karma – what goes around comes around

A video which shows that every little step that we take can influence somebody else’s life in a good or bad way.


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