Feedback time

Monday morning was the big day, when we  finally could watch everybody’s projects. I was really nervous and curious to see where are we situated, so I carefully watched every project. I was pleasantly surprised that there were some few good ideas, but on the other hand I’ve also seen some projects that seemed to have been worked in a hurry.

After I’ve seen all the videos I think that we are situated somewhere in the top middle. In terms of image quality, sounds and colours we did really good, but we should have worked more with the story if we wanted to be in the top. The story seems simple, but we should have made better links between characters and scenes. We need more clearance in the story. If we’ll want to polish it, we have to reshoot some of the scenes, and then re-edit the video on some of the parts, because there is no connection -for instance-  between the shot when the guitar boy and Chris are picking the money from the floor, and the leaflet scenes where me and Ben are picking them from the floor. We’ll have to re-shoot the next scenes: why Ben got to car park spot, shot of me  walking to Bens car and a connection of how I dropped all the leaflets…

We’ll think about changing it, or maybe we’ll just take it as it easy, and we’ll learn from our mistakes. It’s time for thinking at new and challenging projects and new ways of develop them, in order to make them successful!

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