The essential ingredients of a format:

Deal or no deal? 

Like any other thing in the world, of course that television has it’s own recipe. At this lecture I’ve found out which are the essential ingredients that make a format work. It takes a long time to make sure that the program will run smoothly and efficient, so producers take apart the format and rebuild it until everything is perfect.

Why do we watch them? Why are we so engaged with them? Because they offer us what we want: our love for winning (big money prize), big named celebrities and a good laugh.

Why Deal or no deal is a successful TV Show? Because it has all the ingredients:

A simple idea, which is based on the “suspense of decision”- “Will they won the money, or not?”. The idea of the show it’s really simple because it has only one rule: 22 sealed boxes and one question Deal or no deal? 

A hook – the audience becomes attached to the contestants, so they care who wins, and plus the prize is very big.

PLAY – A – LONG ability – everyone can play this game from their homes in front of the television

Branding – it has its own style, a distinctive set, dramatic music, the lightning changes from time to time, glamorous assistants etc..

Repeatable – the format is the same every show

Competition – everyone wants to earn the big prize – 1.000.000 pounds.

A character – The presenter makes the show their own, bringing in front their personality. he communicates very well with the contestants touching their feelings and making them talk freely

Transferability – it has many versions and adaptations depending on the countries where is broadcasted

–  Spin-  offs – 10 online games and iphone games.


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