Radio format

We were asked to make a radio format of 5-7 minutes length about undiscovered Coventry. Our format can be anything from a quiz to an investigation or something else, but the point is that it has to tell something undiscovered about Coventry in an original way.

I think that the most important step is to pick up a theme, thing which is trivial in any type of format, especially for a radio one. The theme has to be engaging and catchy, because the listener must be able to visualise what the presenters are saying.

So we thought to make a programme about supernatural stories from Coventry, because is something more interesting and unique. I don’t want to make the show spooky, I want it to be entertaining, so I now have to think at what style am I going to adopt and what elements I am going to include in the show in order to make it more interesting and engaging.

A planned radio show not only that keeps the listeners tuned in, but it transforms the show in a memorable one.

First of all we must think at the audience, because is one of the most important aspects. So we started to put questions like who will be our target audience? We will have a younger or older audience? What is their occupation? And we the concluded that our audience will be formed from people of all ages, around Coventry who are interested to find out undiscovered things about their city. As we are going to use a more informal style, and the subjects will be from a wide area, I believe that we will have audiences of all ages.

How we plan to engage the audience in our show?

– informal style, chat show

– changing tones in order not to be dull

– use of music and sound effects, as they are one of the most important elements in radio.

– vox pops – a series of interviews with random people from the street. Depending on the theme of each show, we’re going to ask people different questions around our subjects, in order to see different opinions. While doing this interviews is really important to record carefully the background sound, because radio has the ability to use the listeners imagination, and we need to stimulate it

– comic elements, the use of humour – it needs to be consistent and it has to change all the time)

– we’re going to use 2 presenters, because they have different personalities and it will make the show more entertaining.

– also we want our listeners to be informed, so we will also add news to every show

– we lso plan to add a quiz element (phone calls).  The winner of the quiz will get the chance to make a special dedication “on air”

So, this is our plan. In order to make all this happen,  I started to make a little bit of research about this theme, in order to see if we can find enough material.


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